102. an ultra-low power ecg chopper amplifier with inverter stacking for noise efficiency enhancement

Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Drew A. Hall | Somok Mondal

Primary Student
Name: Somok Mondal
Email: somondal@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-361-4217
Grad Year: 2019

An ultra-low power chopper-stabilized amplifier intended for portable or implantable ECG applications is presented. A new technique to fundamentally improve the noise efficiency of such amplifiers is introduced that is based on Gm-boosting by AC-coupling up-modulated signals onto stacked inverters. Designed and fabricated in a 180nm CMOS process, the amplifier consumes 23 nW from a 1.4 V supply. An efficient current-reuse and better utilization of the supply voltage using the proposed technique by stacking three inverters leads to a best-reported Noise Efficiency Factor (NEF) of 0.88 and Power Efficiency Factor (PEF) of 1.08.

Industry Application Area(s)
Electronics/Photonics | Life Sciences/Medical Devices & Instruments | Semiconductor

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