144. ambient excitation based model updating for structural health monitoring via dynamic strain measurements

Department: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): John B. Kosmatka

Primary Student
Name: Benjamin Levi Martins
Email: blmartin@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-901-4050
Grad Year: 2018

A framework is presented for in-situ structural health monitoring via dynamic strain measurements. This framework is developed for use with distributed fiber optic strain sensors monitoring the response of aerospace structures subjected to ambient excitation under the course of their normal operations. The ambient excitation is assumed to be white noise, containing a uniform spectrum in the frequency domain. The algorithm relies on optimizing an objective function to yield a set of structural parameters which satisfy the constraints of an inverse system identification problem. The formulation of the objective function is such that the set of parameters identified minimize the error between the modeled and measured response while simultaneously maximizing the posterior probability of the parameter set. The SHM framework is demonstrated using a Timoshenko beam finite element model. Limited experimental results are also presented.

Industry Application Area(s)
Aerospace, Defense, Security | Civil/Structural Engineering | Fiber Optic Sensing

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