183. bulk metallic glass composites with chemically tunable phase fractions

Department: NanoEngineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Kenneth S. Vecchio

Primary Student
Name: Kevin Richard Kaufmann
Email: krkaufma@ucsd.edu
Phone: 559-347-4411
Grad Year: 2020

Bulk metallic glasses (BMG's), also known as amorphous metal, is a solid metallic alloy with a glass-like crystal structure. As a result of being amorphous, bulk metallic glasses lack grain boundaries, which results in better wear and corrosion resistance as well as higher tensile yield strengths and elastic strain limits. Bulk metallic glass composites combine the material property advantages of an amorphous metal phase with the greater ductility and fatigue strengths of a crystalline metal phase. This work serves to advance the understanding of Ti-Zr bulk metallic glass matrix composites, particularly chemistry sensitivity in tuning phase fractions, to optimize mechanical performance and intrinsic toughness. Furthermore, we demonstrate two-phase bulk metallic glass composites cooled relatively slowly during arc-melting. Traditionally, BMG fabrication requires the constituent atoms to be locked in this amorphous state by rapidly cooling an alloy from the liquid state.

Industry Application Area(s)

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