Press Clips from 2016

May 24, 2016

The San Diego Union Tribune

New center focuses on resilient materials

University of California researchers are joining forces with their counterparts in Baja California to design, manufacture and test materials that can withstand high temperatures and other extreme conditions. The new collaboration, formally launched Tuesday on the UC San Diego campus at the Jacobs School of Engineering, aims to create materials and systems that can function in a range of environments, such as ultra-high and ultra-low temperatures, radiation and extreme pressures. Full Story

May 24, 2016


UCSD, Mexican University Launch Engineering Exchange Program

Leaders from universities in San Diego and Mexico cut a ribbon Tuesday for a new research collaboration on the development of durable materials. The CaliBaja Center for Resilient Materials and Systems will bring together researchers from UC San Diego and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, or UNAM. Faculty and students from both institutes will develop materials that can withstand severe temperatures and pressures, such as the inside of a jet turbine or a nuclear reactor. Full Story

May 24, 2016


Universidades de California y México abren centro de investigación binacional

La Universidad de California San Diego (UCSD) inauguró hoy el primer centro de investigación multidisciplinario y binacional de su tipo que, en colaboración con la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), desarrollará nuevas tecnologías para materiales en ambientes extremos. El denominado Centro CaliBaja para Materiales y Sistemas Resilientes de UCSD reunirá en un mismo espacio a investigadores de ambos países para el diseño y manufactura de materiales que puedan resistir desde "el calor de los motores de un avión hasta el frío del espacio". Full Story

April 8, 2016

Discovery News

Even Superman Couldn't Bend this Steel

Researchers have developed a super-strong steel that acts more like glass -- and can be used to shield satellites from meteorites, drill through stubborn rock formations or bust through bad guys' underground liars. The new new steel alloy can withstand pressure and stress of up to 12.5 giga-Pascals (equivalent to about 125,000 atmospheres of pressure) without a scratch, according to researchers at the University of California, San Diego and University of Southern California, who published their findings recently in the journal Nature Scientific Reports. Full Story

April 7, 2016


The super-steel for next gen body armour

If you were dazzled by Batman's new armour in Dawn of Justice, or must have the slick suit Marvel's Daredevil sports, then you are in luck -- next-generation armour is on its way in real life. A team of US scientists, funded by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, have just created a steel alloy of record-breaking strength. The material which they call "SAM2X5-630" has the highest recorded elastic limit -- the threshold to withstand impact without permanently deforming -- of any steel alloy, the scientists say. Full Story

April 6, 2016

Space Daily

Record-breaking steel could be used for body armor, shields for satellites

A team of engineers has developed and tested a type of steel with a record-breaking ability to withstand an impact without deforming permanently. The new steel alloy could be used in a wide range of applications, from drill bits, to body armor for soldiers, to meteor-resistant casings for satellites. The material is an amorphous steel alloy, a promising subclass of steel alloys made of arrangements of atoms that deviate from steel's classical crystal-like structure, where iron atoms occupy specific locations. Full Story

April 6, 2016


Steel breaks record for not breaking

With iron being one of the most abundant metals on Earth, its transformation into steel also makes it one of the most useful. With applications in almost every realm of manufacturing and construction technology, steel has been the material on which the very structure of modern society has been built. In recent years, though, the heavy and unwieldy nature of steel has seen its decline as lighter ? but more brittle ? alloys replace it. Now a team of engineers has created a steel alloy that should be cheaper to produce than competing alloys, while being exceptionally strong without being brittle. Full Story

April 5, 2016

Daily Mail UK

No more smashed phones! Super-hard metallic glass is 600 times stronger than steel and will BOUNCE if it's dropped

Most of us have had that heart-stopping moment after dropping a phone or tablet onto a hard floor. But a new type of glass that is stronger than titanium while also being elastic could soon be used to create phones that are able to bounce when they are dropped. The material, which is a form of metallic glass made from iron, could also be used to build new types of body armour and help protect satellites from meteor strikes while in orbit. Full Story

April 5, 2016

The San Diego Union Tribune

UCSD says it developed new steel alloy

Engineers at UC San Diego say they have developed a steel alloy that has an unmatched ability to withstand pressure without permanently deforming -- material that might be used in everything from body armor to drill bits. The experimental alloy, known as SAM2X5-630, is a type of amorphous steel that engineers designed to be hard without being brittle. Campus officials say the alloy can tolerate roughly 125,000 times the pressure that exists at sea level. The alloy was developed at UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering and tested at the University of Southern California. Full Story