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Redesigning Calit2 Staircase

By Sana Meghani


You will gain experience in:
Working in a multidisciplinary team
Working with a Calit2 Researcher
Implementing a highly visible product
Phase 1:
-Build a basic “Staircase” website with static information 
-Monitor the increase of stair usage
Phase 2:
-Build another “User” website dedicated to the active participants of this research
Phase 3:
-Modify “Staircase” website to connect with active participants information
-Modify “User” website to drive content for the “staircase” website
Phase n:
-Every phase increases user interaction.
-Before implementation of a new phase, an assessment of the current phase will be executed.
Preferred Computer or Art Skills:
Experience in one or more web development tools: HTML, HTML5, Flash, CSS, SQL Design
Contact: Saura Naderi at

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