ARPA-E: Agriculture Phenotyping, Methane Sensing & Opportunities at the Agency

Friday, May 27th, 2016
Presentation Time: 11:00am
Venue: Rm 4309 in EBU 1 at UC San Diego

Dr. David R Brown
ARPA-E Fellow
United States Department of Energy


The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) advances high-potential, high-impact energy technologies that are too early for private-sector investment. ARPA-E projects have the potential to radically improve U.S. economic security, national security, and environmental well-being. ARPA-E empowers America’s energy researchers with funding, technical assistance, and market readiness. The talk is an introduction to the process the agency uses to develop funding opportunities. The presentation will discuss how to become more involved with ARPA-E through current funding announcements as well as opportunities for employment as a Program Director, T2M advisor or summer intern, or Fellow. Two ARPA-E programs will be highlighted in particular. TERRA is developing algorithms and robotic platforms to more rapidly phenotype crops, thereby doubling their annual yield gain. MONITOR is developing low sensors and platforms for measuring methane, enabling the rapid identification and mitigation of leaks from natural gas pipelines.


Dr. David Brown currently serves as an ARPA-E Fellow, with interests in agriculture, high temperature materials, and advanced manufacturing. While at ARPA-E, his principal work has been in developing a program to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions through advanced agricultural technology. Dr. Brown received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at the California Institute of Technology, under the guidance of Dr. G. Jeffrey Snyder. He was named a Resnick Sustainability Institute Fellow while at Caltech.


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Dr. David Brown