The Sustainable Power and Energy Center is solving key technical challenges in distributed energy generation, storage and power management.

We research and develop higher-performance and lower-cost materials and devices for energy generation, storage and conversion. Our target industries are electric vehicles, microgrids, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, wearable power devices, and more.

UC San Diego’s world-renowned microgrid serves as a real-world test-bed for our work, which is rooted in thoughtful analyses of the economics of distributed energy.

At every point along the way, we train and mentor our students to become tomorrow’s workforce for green and advanced energy.

Lasers, batteries and autonomy: get the latest updates at Research Expo

Breakthrough lasers, better batteries for electric vehicles, and autonomous robots are on the docket for the faculty tech-talks at the 37th annual Jacobs School of Engineering Research Expo at the University of California San Diego.  Full Story

A new podcast series from the Jacobs School of Engineering puts spotlight on graduate students

All science is exciting. If that sounds like the premise for a podcast series focused on graduate students, you’re right. The all-science-is-exciting comment recently landed University of California San Diego NanoEngineering Ph.D. student Jungwoo Lee in front of a microphone. She is the first of a series of current and former graduate students from the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering who will be sharing perspectives on research in not-too-technical terms as well as talking about what motivates them. Listen to the six-minute conversation on SoundCloud. Full Story

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