Research at the Center for Sustainable Power and Energy extends from theoretical research through experiments and materials characterization all the way to real-world testing of devices on the campus microgrid. At UC San Diego, researchers have the ability to integrate and test new kinds of batteries and other devices on the grid in real-world settings.

High-Efficiency Low-Waste Energy Storage and Conversion

Leaders: Shirley Meng (NanoEngineering) and Eric Fullerton (Electrical Engineering)

Porous Materials for Energy Applications

Leader: Michael Sailor (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Interface Science and Engineering

Leaders: Jian Luo (NanoEngineering) and Darren Lipomi (NanoEngineering)

Advanced Characterization and Diagnosis

Leader: Oleg Shpyrko (Physics)

Computational Design, Simulation and Modeling

Leader: Shyue Ping Ong (NanoEngineering)

Scalable Synthesis Methods

Leader: Shaochen Chen (NanoEngineering)