Seven Reasons to Apply

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    We are a top ranked university with a young, innovative culture.

    The UC San Diego Jacobs School ranks among the nation's top engineering schools. See the latest rankings. The secret to our success is our entrepreneurial atmosphere, stellar faculty, and can-do attitude. We attract people who want to work at the leading edge and be part of a collaborative community where the pace is fast and exciting. The School rallies around fresh ideas, and integrative innovation is at the core of our culture.

    This is a place where you can make your mark and make a difference. Whether you want to pursue business, research, or student leadership, there are opportunities open to you and people here to help make it happen.

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    Classes are taught by our world-class faculty, not graduate assistants.

    At UC San Diego, we take our number one mission seriously. It's about educating you — the future technology leaders. Our faculty are renowned in their fields, they are passionate about what they do, and they are committed to providing inspired education and dedicated mentorship.

    Our professors bring their discoveries to the classroom, and welcome you into their research labs. You can't help but catch their enthusiasm for what engineering is all about — creating innovations that serve society.

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    The curriculum focuses on engineering fundamentals-and employers thank us for it.

    Our engineering curriculum is hard core. Trust us, you'll thank us later. Employers tell us UC San Diego engineering alumni are equipped to innovate because they know what questions to ask and how to creatively think through problems.

    You'll start in your freshman year with engineering courses and hands-on design labs; by your sophomore year, you'll be deep into math, physics, and engineering theory; as a junior, you'll segue into more specialized engineering courses; and by your senior year, you'll apply it all in research projects and industry-commissioned product designs. If that's not enough to challenge you, bring it on! You can pursue a second major or a combined B.S./Master's degree, explore advanced studies in a plethora of topics, or develop your business savvy through our entrepreneurism classes.

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    We offer a world of research opportunities for undergraduates.

    We are a premier research university, and we're proud of it. Where there is a hot technology area, chances are we're leading the way: from next generation wireless and sensor networks; to smart cars, medical devices, bioengineering and environmental engineering. We encourage undergraduates to participate in research because it is a great way to explore technical interests beyond the classroom. Getting involved is as easy as knocking on a door--our professors value undergraduate researchers. You'll get to work in our way cutting-edge labs and facilities, including new nanoengineering laboratories, the supercomputer center, Calit2, and much more.

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    Our team engineering programs bring out the leader in you.

    At the Jacobs School, we believe that leadership is about understanding how to motivate, communicate and work effectively in teams. We give you plenty of opportunities to shine. Our signature Team Internship Program (TIP) and Global Teams in Engineering Service (Global TIES) programs have multi-disciplinary student teams designing, building and deploying projects for their clients in industry and in the non-profit community.

    There are many active engineering professional societies, several of which are multiple award winners in national design competitions from human powered submarines and remote control airplanes to software programming and steel bridge designs. This is as close to the real-world engineering as it gets, and our team engineering experiences provide a proving ground for you to test and hone your leadership skills.

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    We make it our business to collaborate with industry.

    UC San Diego is located at the hub of the internationally renowned biotechnology, wireless and clean-tech clusters. With our Navy ports and military bases, San Diego is a mecca for the defense and aerospace industry. The Jacobs School proactively seeks corporate partners to collaborate with us in education and innovation. More than 50 companies are involved in our Corporate Affiliates Program, internship programs and student design projects, research centers and sponsored research projects. Not surprisingly, hundreds of San Diego's high tech companies were founded by our alumni and faculty, and are populated with UC San Diego graduates. For our students, that means great connections and plenty of opportunities for both internships and full-time jobs.

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    San Diego's tech clusters, beaches and climate.

    Location. Location. Location. UC San Diego is at the center of a number of well established and growing technology clusters including wireless, biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, software and analytics, clean-tech, and much more. But that's not all. It's all beautiful in San Diego all year — the perfect place to live an active lifestyle, train for a triathlon, hike, or just enjoy the beach, pool or park.