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Statement of Intent Application Format

(PDF only, not to exceed 2 pages, 12-point font, 1.5 spacing)
1) Name of applicant(s), indicate project lead, department, institution affiliation, and e-mail address.
2) Name of faculty advisor, department, institution affiliation, and e-mail address.
3) Descriptive project title.
4) Summarize the area of market need that the technology addresses, the technology that is being applied, and the specific application that is the focus of current development.
5) Describe prior funding applied to this project.
6) Summarize the current state of development of the technology (concept, laboratory demonstration, etc.)
7) Assuming the funding were available, list three to four key project milestones that can be accomplished over the course of one year.
8) Describe the status of the intellectual property protection for the relevant technology(s).
9) As an attachment (not included in the two pages) please provide a short bio and CV of all graduate students or researchers involved.

Applications are due on February 4th. Please email applications to

Download Overview of the program and application in .PDF format