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von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center

Entrepreneurism Education

The von Liebig Center funds and advises many early stage projects to make them more viable for commercialization and the market. Here are a few of our active projects:

Here is a historical archive of funded projects:

School Department Awardee Blurb Year
SDSU Chemistry and Biochemistry John J. Love Re-engineering of natural enzymes to produce bio-fuel from cell membranes 2008
UCSD Structural Engineering Yu Qiao Thermal energy harvesting materials through nanostructures
UCSD Electrical and Computer Engineering Paul Yu Solar concentrator and optical energy transport using quantum wells

UCSD Bioengineering Raj Krishnan Biological Dynamics: A device company that develops sample enrichment instrumentation for academic and clinical research 2009
UCSD Bioengineering Thomas Fellner / Marie Zhang MicroStem: Development of a product of lines for cancer stem cell and degenerative disease research
UCSD Bioengineering Yu M. Chi Cognionics: Wireless Hearth Sensor

SDSU Chemistry and Biochemistry Doug Grotjahn Catalyst for hydrogen production as a fuel 2010
UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography Stephen Bennett Earthrisk Technologies: uses historic weather patterns to understand the likelihood of sever weather events at longer lead times.
UCSD Computer Science and Engineering Yuvraj Agarwal Software approach to save energy on servers for enterprises

UCLA Biomedical Engineering Richard Fan Farus: Focused on the development of novel imaging and sensing systems for a wide-variety of settings, from industry uses to hospitals to austere military environments. 2011
UCSD Bioengineering Massoud Khraiche Nanovision Biosciences: Prosthetic retina for macular degeneration
USC Biomedical Engineering Ellis Meng Fluid Synchrony: Wireless Electronic Drug Infusion Pumps for Telemedicine
UCSD Structural Engineering Arun Manohar Turbine blade monitoring using infrared technology
UCSD Electrical and Computer Engineering Muchuan Yang Green High-Efficiency Light Bulbs based on nanowires
SDSU Mechanical Engineering Shanel Miller Printed votovoltaic solar cells License to AMOTEC
UCLA Electrical Engineering Chi On Chui Low-Cost Semiconductor Test Strips for Accurate and Retail In Vitro Diagnostics
UCSD Medicine Clinical Psychology Colin Depp A Personalized Adaptive System for Mobile Chronic Illness Interventions
UCI Neurobiology and Behavior Michae Leon The Mando Group: Program for eating disorders, overweight and obesity
UCI Electrical Engineering Aydogan Ozcan Holomic: Mobile microscopy
UCSD Computer Science and Engineering Yuanyuan Zhou / Steve Jiang Cloud based radiotherapy planning

SDSU Chemistry and Biochemistry Derek Butler Increase fuel production via catalyzers on Lignocellulosic Biomass 2012
USC Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Kanchana Gunasekera Plasma sparkplugs to improve performance on internal combustion engines
UCSD Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Rahul Kapadia Energy production through heath recovery polymers
UCSD Electrical and Computer Engineering Joshua Windmiller Electrozyme: Develop disposable, printed chemical sensors
UCLA Biomedical Engineering Wei Yu Lyxia: Making gasoline from Algae
UCSD School of Medicine Raft Therapeutics Raft Therapeutics