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von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center

Entrepreneurial Successes

The von Liebig Center has supported 37 startup companies since 2001.

= Active start-up   |   = Acquired start-up   |   = Non-active
App2you 1 App2you Software that enables the creation of custom, hosted, interactive web applications, simply by outlining the pages of your application
Biological Dynamics 2 Biological Dynamics A device company that develops sample enrichment instrumentation for academic and clinical research
CarCode 3 CarCode License plate recognition system
4 Cardero Therapeutics Develops cocoa-based compounds for treatment of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome
5 HIPerWerx Parallel computing, imaging and visualization consulting and services company
InflammaGen 6 InflammaGen Technologies for the treatment of shock and acute inflammatory diseases
InhibeX 7 InhibeX Inflammation blocking technology
InsilicoMED 8 InsilicoMED Predictive modeling tools for medical device design, diagnostic imaging, surgical procedures and drug discovery
MicroStem 9 MicroStem Development of a product of lines for cancer stem cell and degenerative disease research
Mushroom Networks 10 Mushroom Networks Products and services focused on a range of networking solutions for Internet access and networking solutions for the digital living room
Herd It 11 Herd It Software that uses social gaming and machine learning to describe, categorize, and search for music using natural language
Netsift 12 Netsift Content-processing technology focused on high-speed networking and security – Acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc. in 2005
Onivo 13 Onivo Video analysis/recognition technology for the Internet
Ortiva Wireless 14 Ortiva Wireless Software platform that enables efficient and cost effective delivery of high-quality web, streaming video and other data content to mobile devices – Acquired by Allot Communications in 2012
Otosound 15 Otosound Customized Sound Therapy (CST) to treat tinnitus
TAAZ TAAZ 16 A playful destination website where people explore, change, and improve their appearance in digital photos using one-click photorealistic enhancements
Rhevision 17 Rhevision Revolutionary technologies on smart optics for mobile and miniature imaging
U-P Laboratories 18 U-P Laboratories Uncoupling peptides for a cosmoceutical topical alternative to Botulinum Toxin (BoTox®)
Uzima 19 Uzima Biopharmaceutical application of designed regulatory proteins (DRPs) for the treatment of moderate to severe anemia
20 Tritonics Platform technology can be used to address the clogging problem of implanted shunts and tubings in different medical applications
Cognionics 21 Cognionics Wireles cardiac sensor
Fluid Synchrony 22 Fluid Synchrony Wireless Electronic Drug Infusion Pumps for Telemedicine
Farus 23 Farus Focused on the development of novel imaging and sensing systems for a wide-variety of settings, from industry uses to hospitals to austere military environments
Nanovision Biosciences 24 Nanovision Biosciences Prosthetic retina for macular degeneration
25 Raft Therapeutics  
Quanlight 26 Quanlight Yellow-amber-red (YAR) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that target the signage, traffic signaling, automotive and cell phone backlighting markets
Holomic 27 Holomic Mobile microscopy
Agile Nano 28 Agile Nano Nanotechnology-based compressible energy absorbing liquids; potential for both military and commercial applications such as liquid armors and liquid shoes
29 Lila Technologies  
EarthRisk Technologies 30 EarthRisk Technologies Uses historic weather patterns to understand the likelihood of sever weather events at longer lead times
Mando Group 31 Mando Group Program for eating disorders, overweight and obesity
Scoperta 32 Scoperta Advanced materials company
33 Sonrgy  
34 Pulsar Diagnostics Technologies that enable high sensitivity genotyping, gene expression, and infectious agent detection – Acquired by OcuSense, Inc. in 2003
Uroboros Technologies 35 Uroboros Technologies Design, develop, and manufacture micro controller development boards and programmers
Electrozyme 36 Electrozyme Develop disposable, printed chemical sensors
37 Lyxia Making gasoline from Algae


Aequoreus Pharma Innovation 1 Aequoreus Pharma Innovation Transforms academic drug discoveries into high value potential new medicines by combining access to sustainable sources of unique biologically active compounds with proven computer-aided drug discovery expertise


1 Video Processing Technologies (VPTI) Software program that enhances viewing experience of online video by generating additional frames in case of frame skipping/dropout due to inefficient bandwidth or noisy channel. Licensed to Broadcast International in 2006