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How to Participate:
Triton Technology Fund

Step 1. Express Interest
Teams should complete the online form to express interest in the Fund. The form has five main questions about your project. (Please answer in short paragraphs):
  • Describe your innovation
  • Describe the market need or opportunity
  • Describe how your innovation is a solution to market needs or addresses an opportunity and why it is unique
  • Description of your project's state of development
  • What is your team's objective?
Step 2. Meeting
After expressing interest, you will be contacted to set up a meeting with the advisory committee to discuss your technology, the stage of development, the team and other information pertinent to the process. The committee may request additional information prior to the meeting to be able to better assist you.
Step 3. Mentoring and Prep
Depending on the outcome of the meeting, your team may be asked to prepare an executive summary and presentation (a template will be given) with the assistance of von Liebig business and technology advisors. This summary will be sent to the Triton Technology Fund for review.
Step 4. Pitch to Triton Technology Fund
Your team will present the technology/business to the Triton Technology Fund, managing director of the Fund, and the von Liebig investment committee. The team will receive feedback and next steps to follow.

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