Solving the big challenges in wearable sensing often requires coordinated research that reaches beyond the labs of individual faculty. The Center facilitates fundamental and applied research that crosses disciplines and is informed by the tough problems facing our industry partners. Our affiliated faculty are listed below.


Joseph Wang

Director, Center for Wearable Sensors
Non-invasive and minimally-invasive electrochemical sensing, printable sensors, bioelectronics

Wang's Laboratory for Nanobioelectronics

Patrick Mercier

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Co-Director, Center for Wearable Sensors
Anatomically-miniaturized biomedical sensor interfaces, wireless communications, energy harvesting integrated circuits

Mercier's Energy-Efficient Microsystems lab

Sensors and Systems

Gert Cauwenberghs

Co-Director, Institute for Neural Computation
Wireless dry and non-contact biopotential monitoring

Todd Coleman

Information theory, neuroscience, machine learning, bioelectronics

Coleman's Neural Interaction Lab

Harinath Garudadri

Qualcomm Institute, UC San Diego
Signal processing, wearable electrophysiology

Garudadri’s Google Scholar profile

David Gough

Long term implanted glucose sensors for diabetes blood glucose dynamics, artificial pancreas, biocompatible materials

Gough's Biosensors Lab

Drew Hall

Electrical & Computer Engineering
In-vitro diagnostics, biosensors, analog circuit design, medical electronics, and sensor interfaces

Hall's BioSensors and BioElectronics Group

Jesse Jokerst

Use of acoustic data to create devices that monitor human health.

Jokerst Bioimaging Lab

Albert P. Pisano

Dean Jacobs School of Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), manufacturing, wireless sensors for harsh environments, low-cost sensors

PRIME Systems Laboratory

Gabriel Rebeiz

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Silicon RFICs for microwave and millimeter-wave systems with a specialty on phased arrays and low power circuits

Tajana Rosing

Computer Science & Engineering
Energy efficiency in systems, with focus on embedded systems

Rosing's System Energy Efficiency Lab

Novel Materials and Flexible Electronics

Darren J. Lipomi

Intrinsically stretchable electronics, polymer chemistry, stimuli-responsive materials

Lipomi Research Group

Kenneth J. Loh

Structural Engineering
Multifunctional materials, densely distributed sensing, tomographic methods, and low-cost fabrication


Tse Nga (Tina) Ng

Electrical Engineering
Flexible electronics and novel processing methodologies to advance free-form fabrication for innovative electronics

Ng's Flexible Printed Electronics Lab

Sheng Xu

Wearable electronics, advanced stretchable materials

Xu Research Group

Novel Fabrication and Integration Methods

Shadi Dayeh

Electro-neural interfaces and compact wearable electronics.

Dayeh’s Integrated Electronics and Bio-interfaces Lab

Yu-Hwa Lo

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, biomedical devices for in-vitro diagnostics, bio- and nanophotonics

Lo Research Group


Cloud Data Storage and Analytics

Chung-Kuan Cheng

Computer Science & Engineering
Circuit simulation using parallel processing, power network analysis for VLSI systems and circuits

Tzyy-Ping Jung

Co-Director, Center for Advanced Neurological Engineering
Dry & non-prep EEG sensors, wearable and wireless EEG systems

Gert Lanckriet

Machine learning, personalized mobile health

Lanckriet’s website

Collaboration with Medicine

Kevin Patrick, MD

Department of Family Medicine and Public Health
Director, Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems
Mobile and social technologies for health care.


Benjamin Bratton

Professor, Visual Arts at UC San Diego