At UC San Diego, we are developing wearable sensor systems with real-time feedback that enable a wide range of new preventive-health, security and fitness applications.

We accelerate the pace of innovation in wearable sensor systems by tackling the toughest research challenges and technical bottlenecks. Our work to create a series of the world’s most advanced “lab on the body” systems is built around close collaborations between world-renowned faculty and students and our industry partners.
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April 20, 2017

A Wearable Sensors Research Center in Beijing Is Named After UC San Diego NanoEngineering Professor Joseph Wang

A wearable sensors research center at Beijing University of Science and Technology has been named in honor of UC San Diego NanoEngineering professor and chair Joseph Wang, who also serves as Director of the UC San Diego Center for Wearable Sensors. Full Story

March 23, 2017

'Lab-on-a-glove' could bring nerve-agent detection to a wearer's fingertips

Researchers have developed a wearable, flexible biosensor glove that can rapidly detect toxic nerve agents with the touch of a finger. The so-called "lab-on-a-glove" could help improve both defense and food security measures. The team, led by nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego, published their work this month in ACS Sensors. Full Story