Special Events and Talks

The IDEA Center holds many events throughout the academic year to enhance and engage with the engineering community. We provide many opportunities for students to learn about relevant engineering topics, engage with industry professionals, and participate in for new, continuing, and graduating students.

Engineering Graduate & Scholarly Talks

Engineering Graduate & Scholarly Talks are a series of free academic, professional, and technical training workshops open to all Graduate & Post-Doctoral engineering students at the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Professional Evening with Industry

PEI provides the opportunity for industry professionals to to meet talented engineering students, including student leaders and members from UC San Diego’s diversity-focused campus orgs. Industry representatives will be able to host a booth to showcase their company and interact with students informally.

Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony includes recognition awards, a keynote speaker, the Jacobs School graduation oath, and the presentation of the rings. The graduation oath is a commitment of participants to uphold standards of ethics, integrity, and quality as practicing engineers and as graduates of the Jacobs School.

Welcome Week

During the first two weeks of school, there are a number of events and programs available for students. There are some engineering-specific events that are highly encouraged for students to participate in.