Jacobs School Student Travel Fund


Due to the spread of COVID-19, UC San Diego will not be approving any travel as is advised by state leaders for the time being. To continue to provide professional development for students in the Jacobs School of Engineering the Student Travel Fund is now eligible for attendance to Virtual Conferences.


About the Travel Fund

The Jacobs School of Engineering Travel Fund was established with generous donations from the 2013 graduating senior class in conjunction with the annual Ring Ceremony. Through their giving efforts, our graduating students came together as Tritons helping to secure enhanced learning opportunities for future Jacobs School students. Seniors from each graduating class help to ensure this award will continue to assist rising engineers for years to come.


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Program Guidelines

The Jacobs School of Engineering Student Travel Fund provides opportunity for individual student and student organizations to apply for scholarships to supplement costs of conferences or other similar events. The selection committee will meet bi-weekly, beginning Week 2 of the Fall Quarter, to review applications and determine who is awarded funding.

The following items details specific scholarship requirements for application and reimbursement guidelines

  • Deadline: Applications for funding must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the conference, competition, or travel date, whichever occurs first.
  • Any undergraduate student with a major declared in the Jacobs School of Engineering is eligible.
  • Conference specifications: Any opportunity in which the student is invited to display or present their work in a professional environment for engineering OR the student is attending a conference for networking purposes. The conference must be directed toward an engineering field or the project developed must have an engineering foundation.
  • Max award per student: $300. Max award per organization: $800
  • Organization specifications: Organizations must apply as a team and teams should turn in one request with the members in attendance listed.
  • Student/organization must report any other current or potential sources of funding they are receiving and provide updates to the selection committee if there are any changes to funding sources
  • Cost associated can only include fees relating to transportation, conference attendance/registration, and actual cost to student for lodging.
  • Proof of attendance and payment is necessary. Scholarships are provided to students on a reimbursement basis only.
  • Upon returning from conference or related travel, student must submit all required forms and documentation (as outlined in the section titled "Reimbursement Guidelines") for reimbursement process to be completed.
  • Individual students applying to attend a Student Organization National Conference will not be approved, and will be directed to reach out to the student organization directly (Ex. NSBE National Conference, SWE National Conference, SHPE National Conference, etc.)
  • Students/organizations may only apply for funding once per academic year


Reimbursement Guidelines

As scholarships are given on a reimbursement basis, , Student Travel Fund – in order to process reimbursement requests individual students/organizations who received a scholarship should complete the Student Travel Fund Post-Travel Survey within one week of completing their trip. The survey requires students to submit the following items:

  1. ALL original receipts for qualified/approved conference costs (conference fees, hotel and travel expenses).
  2. A travel reimbursement survey
  3. 3-5 photos of the event you attended

Click here to access the post-trip survey.

* Please note that due to UCSD Travel restrictions, group/organization travel must be reimbursed to an individual and cannot be reimbursed to an organization. Reimbursements for awarded organization travel through the Student Travel Fund will be disbursed to the main contact on the application. The main contact must then distribute payment as necessary to their group/organization, independent of the Student Travel Fund committee.

Questions? Please contact the Student Travel Fund Committee at stf@eng.ucsd.edu or 858-822-3778.


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After submitting the funding request, all applications are reviewed by a committee of Jacobs School students under the supervision of the IDEA Student Center.

Student/organization point of contact will receive communication pertaining to their award status to the preferred email address submitted in the application. Award recipients will receive detailed instructions on completing a Student Certification Form. The form must be completed and returned to the IDEA Student Center Office in advance of taking the actual conference/event travel.

  • Deadline: Applications for funding must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the conference, competition, or travel date, whichever occurs first.
  • New applications will not be accepted during Summer Session 1 or 2. The Student Travel Fund Committee will resume meetings during week 2 of Fall Quarter.