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Gaurav Arya

Assoc Professor, NENG

Molecular modeling and simulations of biomaterials and nanomaterials

Professor Arya’s research focuses on the development and application of advanced computational approaches to build molecular-level understanding of various biomolecular and nanoengineering systems of interest. This effort is directed in two main directions. (1) Genome structure and regulation. This research focuses on developing coarse-grained models and simulation tools to elucidate how eukaryotic genome is packaged into higher-order structures like nucleosomes, chromatin, and chromosomes, and regulated via histone modifications, histone variants, and remodelers. These understandings could be used for the diagnosis of genetic diseases and for engineering novel therapeutics. (2) Nanomaterials engineering. This research focuses on elucidating molecular mechanisms and underlying free energy landscape of shaped nanoparticles as building blocks for assembling photonic structures, nanoparticle-polymer composites for shock dissipation and redirection, and smart biomimicking materials for tissue engineering. Such molecular-level understandings are being used to design materials with novel and superior properties.

Capsule Bio:

Gaurav Arya joined the Department of NanoEngineering at the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering as an Assistant Professor in 2007. He is also affiliated with the Materials Science and Bioinformatics graduate programs at UCSD. He obtained his B.Tech. degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 1998, and Ph.D. degree, also in Chemical Engineering, from the University of Notre Dame in 2003. He did his postdoctoral research at Princeton University and held an Assistant Research Scientist position at New York University prior to arriving on campus. He has over 35 peer-reviewed publications, several of which have been published in prestigious journals like Nature Nanotechnology, Annual Review of Biophysics, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Functional Materials, and PNAS.

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