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Activate or Change Your Free UCSD Jacobs School Email Forwarding Address

Welcome to the UCSD Jacobs School engineering alumni community. We invite you to sign up for the free, lifetime email forwarding service to establish your unique Jacobs School identity. Forwarding addresses are generally of the form firstname.mi.lastname@jacobs.ucsd.edu; some variations may be necessary to accommodate very common names. This service is also available to any current student in Engineering.

Our email forwarding service gives you:

  • The ability to include your @jacobs.ucsd.edu email address on research papers, resumes, etc.
  • Continued access to Jacobs School Career Resources such as corporate job postings
  • Invitations to alumni networking events, Jacobs School news, and other special opportunities

If you wish to activate your email forwarding address, or change your existing @jacobs.ucsd.edu email address, simply complete the form below. After your forwarding email address has been activated, we will send you a verification with your new email address within 48 hours.

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