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Steven J. Swanson

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Hardware/software interactions, applications and architectures for non-volatile solid-state memories, ultra-efficient specialized computing architectures, architectures for data-centric computing, and software optimizations for multi-core processors.

Steven Swanson's research focuses on understanding the implications of emerging technology trends on computing systems.  He leads the Non-Volatile Systems Laboratory (NVSL, http://nvsl.ucsd.edu), where he oversees a wide range of projects related to non-volatile memories, how computer systems can leverage them to increase performance and efficiency, and other system-level issues they raise (e.g., in security).  He also co-leads the GreenDroid project (http://greendroid.ucsd.edu).  The GreenDroid team is building a prototype processor that includes ultra-efficient co-processors for key portions of the Android smart phone operating system.  All these projects focus on building prototype systems that must deal with hardware, software, and the boundary between them.

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Steven Swanson is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego and the director of the Non-volatile Systems Laboratory. His research interests include the systems, architecture, security, and reliability issues surrounding non-volatile, solid-state memories. He also co-leads projects to develop low-power co-processors for irregular, mobile applications (e.g., Android Apps) and to devise software techniques for using multiple processors to speed up single-threaded computations. In previous lives he has also worked on scalable dataflow architectures, ubiquitous computing, and simultaneous multithreading. He received his PhD from the University of Washington in 2006.

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Steven Swanson
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