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Robert Lugannani

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Processes with an impact on communications, particularly those which are stochastic (random) in nature.

Professor Lugannani's technical contributions include: studies of structural properties (limit theorems, sample function regularity, characterizations of independence) of linear processes; numerical techniques for evaluating distributions and densities of linear processes and quadratic forms in Gaussian variables. Related studies include: System modeling and analysis; structural properties of random processes; characterization of random channels-the optical channel; numerical evaluation of probability distributions and densities.

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Robert Lugannani joined the UCSD faculty in 1972, after a two -year stint at Princeton. He had been on the technical staff at Bell Laboratories from 1964-1970. The major contributor IT Society Digital Library Project. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1964.

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Robert Lugannani
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