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UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering

Watch Jacobs School Faculty Talks at Research Expo 2013

San Diego, CA, May 3, 2012 -- New faculty from all six departments at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering gave ten-minute talks at Research Expo 2013.

Watch the talks and read the abstracts below. Search student posters and read about the grand prize poster winner here.


Drew Hall, Electrical & Computer Engineering
"Point-of-Care Medical Diagnostics"



Shachar Lovett, Computer Science and Engineering
"Can Computation Be Made Local?"


Christian Metallo, Bioengineering
"Tracing Metabolic Pathways to Understand and Treat Cancer"


Gilberto Mosqueda, Structural Engineering
"Large-scale Testing of Seismically Isolated Buildings"


Andrea Tao, NanoEngineering
"Using 'Nano' To Rethink the Way We Design Solid-State Materials"


Olivia Graeve, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
"How to Control the Shape of Matter (and Other Curiosities of Nature)
Abstract (video to come)

One of the fundamental tasks of engineers is to design new materials, components, and structures that can serve to improve the livelihood of humanity. The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UC San Diego has significant efforts in this area and some of these efforts will be presented in this talk, with special emphasis on the design of cube-shaped boride materials and colloidal assemblies. Boride compounds have proven essential for a myriad of structural and functional applications and we will demonstrate the first instance of their preparation using a very unique combustion process. We will also present an analysis and systematic investigation of the structure and stability of reverse micellar solutions for drug delivery and other biomedical applications.

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