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IGE Tech Accelerator Team Finds Success at RBPC

IGE Tech Accelerator Team finds success in the Rice Business Plan Competition 

Ateios, formerly Ocella, recently competed in the annual Rice Business Plan Competition (RBPC).  RBPC is an international graduate-level startup competition hosted by Rice University.  This competition is highly competitive as they receive over 700 applications every year and this year only accepted 42 teams from around the world who competed for $1.5 million in cash and prizes.   

Ateios’s technology is a printable, stretchable and flexible battery revolutionizing the $1.5 trillion market of conformal electronics, specifically the $75 billion wide world of wearables in verticals such as sports and athletics, healthcare and military applications.  Although they did not win the top prize, Ateios represented UC San Diego well by promoting their technology to an international audience and winning over $52,000 in prize money.  Ateios made it through to the semi-final’s top 15, placed 3rd in the Elevator pitch contest given by Xinyu Liu and took home the “Most Innovative Idea” prize sponsored by NASA of $50,000.  What makes it even more special about winning the Innovator prize is that usually, it is split between two teams.  This year, the judges were so impressed that Ateios was the sole winner.

"Ateios was fortunate enough to represent the San Diego community at this competition, but more importantly representing UC San Diego. Over the past year, we have worked diligently to flourish in opportunities like this so to me it does not come to a surprise that the team found success. In my humble opinion, being able to be recognized by NASA as a partner to push the forefront of technology is the true grand prize," said Carlos Munoz one of the driving forces behind Ateios.

Ateios caught the eye of NASA, who is interested in the technology for astronaut clothing, and many companies across the energy space, including oil companies. Representing Ateios was Rajan Kumar, PhD candidate in Nanoengineering, Carlos Munoz, Master student in Bioengineering, Xinyu Liu, Jennifer Miller, undergraduates in Nanoengineering,  Karan Sheth,  Chemical Engineer undergrad and Kartik Sharma Masters of Finance from Rady Business School. All are on track to graduate in June 2019. 

The team is currently participating in the Institute for the Global Entrepreneur Technology Accelerator and hope to transition into the newly launched IGE Business Accelerator which is geared to help companies scale their business.    The Business Accelerator is open to all UC San Diego Alumni. 

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