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Webcast of Irwin Jacobs' von Liebig Forum Talk Now Streaming

 Irwin Jacobs
QUALCOMM founder Irwin Jacobs speaks to The von Liebig Forum. Length: 24:42
San Diego, CA, March 5, 2005 -- Dr. Irwin Jacobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of wireless leader QUALCOMM Inc., and a former Jacobs School of Engineering faculty member, gave a wide-ranging talk on innovation and commercialization at UCSD on March 2. His presentation is now available for on-demand viewing (click on box at right; Real player required), and the complete program is scheduled to air on UCSD-TV starting Monday, March 21.

Jacobs' talk was part of The von Liebig Forum, a series of "Profiles in Innovation," presented by the Jacobs School's William J. von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Advancement. The live webcast was co-sponsored by the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2).

 Jacobs and Kedrosky
Von Liebig academic director Paul Kedrosky interviews Irwin Jacobs and opens the Forum to questions from the audience. Length: 51:01
In his presentation and the ensuing Q&A with von Lieibig Center academic director Paul Kedrosky, Jacobs discussed some of the major questions facing faculty members and other campus researchers as they work on technologies with market potential:

    §       Where do new and commercially valuable technologies come from?

    §       What is the role of research universities in commercialization?

    §      How can universities balance societal pressure for bringing research to market with remaining unfettered by market prospects?

The complete program -- including the Q&A session -- will air on UCSD-TV as part of its ongoing von Liebig Forum series. Viewers will be able to catch the program at the following times:

 Monday, March 21 8:00pm
 Tuesday, March 22 10:00pm
 Friday, March 25 7:00pm
 Sunday, March 27 8:00pm
 Monday, March 28 9:00pm
 Tuesday, March 29 11:00pm
 Friday, April 1 6:00pm
 Sunday, April 3 10:00pm

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