About the UC San Diego Tokyo Office

The UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering and Office of Research Affairs are proud to introduce our UC San Diego office in the Nihonbashi Life Science Building in downtown Tokyo. Our goal is to promote international collaboration with Japanese partners in research, education and industry engagement.

The UC San Diego Tokyo Office will serve as a home base for faculty visiting in Japan, and will provide a wonderful venue for hosting research symposia and networking events. We also anticipate that the office will enable events for UC San Diego alumni in Japan.

We are particularly pleased that the office is located at the heart of the life science hub in Tokyo, and see this region as a sister city to San Diego, which is also a world leader in life sciences and biotechnology. UC San Diego strengths and current focus include: wearable health sensors, nanotechnology for drug discovery and delivery, bioinformatics and systems biology, microbiome innovation, and medical robotics.

General information about the Nihonbashi Life Science Building can be found at: https://www.nihonbashi-lifescience.jp/en/



Contact us at tokyooffice@ucsd.edu