AESE Curriculum

The MAS in Architecture-based Enterprise Systems Engineering is a 42-unit degree to be completed in one year of study. Courses are offered over four consecutive quarters, beginning in the Fall. The curriculum consists of 9 courses and a capstone team project, which is conducted throughout the execution of the program.



Fall Quarter

Essentials for Business Practice: MGT 291
Introduces the essentials of enterprise leadership and management to include strategic thinking, investment planning and finance, business operations, and marketing.

Leadership Skills, Values, and Team-building: MGT 406
Provides a learning environment for team-building through understanding self and others, emotional intelligence, and applying influencing techniques to strengthen collaborative efforts in a variety of situations.

Complexity and Large-scale Systems: AESE 278A
Discusses system complexity, event complexity, and complex adaptive systems and applies the concepts to enterprise transformation, supply chain management, and the management of complex system development through plan-driven and agile methods.

Winter Quarter

Enterprise Architecting: AESE 278B
Considers enterprise architecting starting with architectural frameworks and the role of use cases in identifying desired capabilities and requirements. Explores modeling of enterprise architectures through ontologies and domain models. Introduces service-oriented architectures (SOA) and concludes with a discussion of SOA security.

Engineering Essentials for Distributed Systems: AESE 278D
Addresses the use of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for architectural modeling and introduces students to a powerful software modeling tool, Enterprise Architect, with emphasis on SOA modeling. Concludes with a discussion of SOA governance.

Modeling, Simulation and Analysis, AESE 278C
Introduces an object-oriented development process within the context of the DOD Architecture Framework and emphasizes model evaluation based on the creation of executable architectures using discrete event dynamic systems and colored Petri nets. Discusses an architectural development management process using measures of effectiveness and measures of performance.

Spring Quarter

Patterns for Enterprise Architecting: AESE 278E
Presents pattern concepts and their application for enterprise integration and develops various fundamental service patterns for SOA applications. Concludes by introducing event-driven architectures (EDA) and relates EDAs to SOA and uses them to begin the discussion of decision support systems and complex event processing.

Decision and Risk Analysis: AESE 241
Explore human decision-making and investment planning. Define the real option investment valuation and compete on analytics while looking at risk and utility theory and multi-attribute utility theory (MAUT).

Managing Stakeholder Relationships: AESE 261
Emphasizes building and leveraging business relationships and creating business strategies in the context of successful proposal strategies driven by effective executive strategies

Capstone Team Projects: AESE 279
The capstone team project is conducted throughout the execution of the program. At the beginning of the program, 3 to 5 person teams are formed and select a topic to be investigated throughout the rest of the program, preferably in conjunction with industrial partners