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Anthony Acampora

Acampora, Anthony S.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Telecommunication, network systems design, wireless networks, wireless technologies.

Ludmil Alexandrov

Alexandrov, Ludmil B.

Asst Professor, BENG

Computational Biology; Cancer Genomics; Mutagenesis; Ageing; Bioinformatics

Adah Almutairi

Almutairi, Adah

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Faculty-Affiliate NENG

Nanomedicinenanotechnology, chemistry and polymer science

Christine Alvarado

Alvarado, Christine J.

Lecturer SOE, CSE

Curriculum and program design for computer science education, with a focus on engaging underrepresented groups. Pen-based user interfaces.
Mark Anderson

Anderson, Mark R.

Assoc Teaching Prof, MAE

Expertise in vehicle design, navigation, and control.

Alexey Arefiev

Arefiev, Alexey

Asst Professor, MAE

Computational and theoretical plasma physics with the focus on high-intensity laser-plasma interactions, high energy density physics, and kinetic plasma phenomena; Numerical algorithms for kinetic plasma simulations.

Gustaf Arrhenius

Arrhenius, Gustaf

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

Astrobiology, origin of life, organic chemistry, geochemistry, cosmochemistry, exobiology and mineralogy.
Gaurav Arya

Arya, Gaurav

Assoc Professor, NENG

Molecular modeling and simulations of biomaterials and nanomaterials

Robert Asaro

Asaro, Robert J.

Professor, SE

Composite design and manufacturing technologies for large scale structures and marine applications as well as the deformation, fracture and fatigue of high temperature intermetallics.

Peter Asbeck

Asbeck, Peter M.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Design and development of high-speed transistors and integrated circuits, power amplifiers and opto-electronic devices using compound semiconductor materials and heterostructures

Nikolay Atanasov

Atanasov, Nikolay A.

Asst Professor, ECE

Other, Calit2

Robotics, control theory, optimization, computer vision, machine learning, autonomous information collection, sensor-based planning, reactive navigation, unmanned aerial vehicles, active localization and mapping

Scott Baden

Baden, Scott B.

Professor, CSE

High performance and parallel scientific computation.
Jinhye Bae

Bae, Jinhye

Asst Professor, NENG

Responsive materials, hydrogels, self-assembly, nano/microfabrication of soft materials, printable soft sensors/devices.
Vineet Bafna

Bafna, Vineet

Faculty-Affiliate CSE

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Computational molecular biology, bioinformatics, proteomics, approximational algorithms, human genome, human proteome, protein identification, Expressed Sequence Tags (EST) analysis
Saharnaz Baghdadchi

Baghdadchi, Saharnaz

Asst Teaching Prof, ECE

Discovery-based lab design, hands-on educational programs for K-12 students, optical engineering education, bio-optical imaging, optical trapping, light field encoding

Prabhakar Bandaru

Bandaru, Prabhakar R.

Professor, MAE

ECE Affiliate Professor, ECE

Development and investigation of nano-materials for magnetic, semiconductor, optical, and MEMS/NEMS (micro-/nano- electro mechanical systems) devices.
Nuno Bandeira

Bandeira, Nuno F.

Assoc Professor, CSE

Computational Mass Spectrometry, Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Natural Products, Therapeutic molecules, Big Data science, Crowdsourcing

Yuri Bazilevs

Bazilevs, Yuri

Professor, SE and Faculty Adjunct, MAE

Design of robust and efficient computational methods for large scale, high performance computing

Janet Becker

Becker, Janet M.

Teaching Professor, MAE

Geophysical fluid dynamics, observational nearshore oceanography, nonlinear waves

Farhat Beg

Beg, Farhat N.

Professor, MAE

Faculty, CER

Electron and proton beam generation in short pulse laser solid interactions; plasma based x-ray and neutron sources; and multi-wire z-pinch dynamics for Inertial Confinement Fusion.
Mihir Bellare

Bellare, Mihir

Professor, CSE

Computer security focusing on authentication, encryption, and electronic payment standards that have helped secure transactions over the Internet and advance e-commerce standards.
Serge Belongie

Belongie, Serge J.

Adjt Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Emerging fields of computer vision and object recognition, as well as biometrics (fingerprint recognition in particular) and video segmentation.
David Benson

Benson, David J.

Prof Emeritus, SE

Computational mechanicsand computer methods for solving problems in mechanical engineering.

Gianmario Benzoni

Benzoni, Gianmario

Research Scientist, SE

Research Scientist and Director of the Caltrans SRMD Testing Facility

Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

Berg-Kirkpatrick, Taylor D.

Asst Professor, CSE

Machine learning, data science, structured human data

Neal Bertram

Bertram, Neal

Prof Emertius, ECE

Magnetic recording physics, recording materials, magnetic media, and information storage.
Thomas Bewley

Bewley, Thomas R.

Professor, MAE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Research interests lie at the intersections of control and optimization theory, fluid mechanics, Navier-Stokes mathematics, high-performance computing, and robotics.

Dinesh Bharadia

Bharadia, Dinesh

Asst Professor, ECE

Other, Calit2

Communication theory, signal processing, full duplex, wireless communication systems, low-power Internet of Things, wireless imaging/sensing, and wireless networks.

Robert Bitmead

Bitmead, Robert R.

Professor, MAE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Design of dynamic feedback control systems for a variety of engineering applications.

Nicholas Boechler

Boechler, Nicholas S.

Asst Professor, MAE

Dynamically responsive and microstructured materials, wave propagation, nonlinear dynamics, self-assembly, granular media, metamaterials, shock and impact physics, laser ultrasonics, topology optimization, high strain rate mechanics, and soft material dynamics.

James Buckwalter

Buckwalter, James F.

Assoc Adjunct Prof, ECE

Integrated circuit design of RF and millimeter-wave communication systems and opto-electronic interfaces for high-speed sampling and wireline communication.

Walter Burkhard

Burkhard, Walter A.

Prof Emeritus, CSE

Storage system algorithms expert with interest in data layouts, disk arrays, RAID, video servers, replicated file systems.
Samuel Buss

Buss, Samuel R.

Professor, CSE

Bounded arithmetic, proof theory and complexity, mathematical logic and behavioral logic.
Pedro Cabrales Arevalo

Cabrales Arevalo, Pedro J.

Professor, BENG

Gas transport physiology and bioengineering design for development of next generation blood substitutes; Bioengineering microcirculation; The effect of blood substitutes on oxygen transport to tissue.

Shengqiang Cai

Cai, Shengqiang

Asst Professor, MAE

Mechanics of Soft Materials; Electro-chemo-mechanics of Solids; Mechanics of Energy Materials;Bio-inspired Design and Bio-mechanics;  3D Fabrications

Charles Cantor

Cantor, Charles

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Human genome analysis; molecular genetics; new biophysical tools and methodologies; genetic engineering.

Larry Carter

Carter, Larry

Professor Emeritus, CSE

Scientific computation, performance programming, parallel computation, machine and system architecture for high performance.
Robert Cattolica

Cattolica, Robert J.

Professor, MAE

Combustion, fluid mechanics, optical spectroscopy, laser and electron beam diagnostics, molecular energy transfer, and hypersonic gas dynamics.
Gert Cauwenberghs

Cauwenberghs, Gert

Professor, BENG

Biomedical integrated circuits and systems, micropower analog VLSI, neuromorphic engineering, computational and systems neuroscience, neuron-silicon and brain-machine interfaces, adaptive neural computation, learning and intelligent systems.
Manmohan Chandraker

Chandraker, Manmohan K.

Asst Professor, CSE

Computer vision, 3D reconstruction, scene understanding, autonomous driving, vision for robotics, graphics-based vision.

Pao Chau

Chau, Pao C.

Prof Emeritus, NENG

Large-scale mammalian cell culture, membrane bioreactor, cell cycle kinetics, flow cytometry.
Kamalika Chaudhuri

Chaudhuri, Kamalika

Assoc Professor, CSE

Topics in machine-learning, in particular, clustering or unsupervised learning, online learning and privacy-preserving machine-learning.

Jiun-Shyan Chen

Chen, Jiun-Shyan

William Prager Chair Professor, SE

William Prager Chair Faculty, CSE

Computational solid mechanics, multiscale materials modeling, modeling of extreme events.

Renkun Chen

Chen, Renkun

Assoc Professor, MAE

Renkun Chen's current research is focused on thermal transport, which plays a very significant role in both energy production and consumption. He is interested in exploiting the fundamental heat transfer science and engineering at the micro and nano scale, and developing materials and devices for thermal energy conversion, storage and management.
Shaochen Chen

Chen, Shaochen

Professor, NENG

Faculty-Affiliate, BENG

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Nanomanufacturing and Biomanufacturing, Nanophotonics and Biophotonics

Yi Chen

Chen, Yi

Asst Professor, NENG

Engineering DNA nanostructure-based artificial biological systems for biomedical applications.

Zheng Chen

Chen, Zheng

Asst Professor, NENG

Nanostructured materials and functional polymers for electrochemical energy and sustainable environment.

Chung Cheng

Cheng, Chung K.

Professor, CSE

ECE Adjunct Professor, ECE

Computer-aided design, VLSI layout automation, circuit partitioning, network flow optimization, physical design of multichip modules for hybrid package.
Shu Chien

Chien, Shu

Professor, BENG

Faculty, IEM

Research on how the forces of blood flow impact the cardiovascular system. His studies are leading to new understanding about the pathophysiological mechanisms of atherosclerosis and hypertension, and to the development of therapeutical approaches for cardiovascular disease.

Henrik Christensen

Christensen, Henrik I.

Dir/Contex Robotics Inst, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Dean

Robotics, policy, computer vision, artificial intelligence

Karen Christman

Christman, Karen L.

Assoc Dean, Dean

Professor, BENG

Regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, polymer chemistry and bio-nanotechnology, multi-scale bioengineering and biomaterial design

Paul Citron

Citron, Paul

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Paul Citron was vice president of Technology Policy and Academic Relations at Medtronic, Inc. when he retired in 2003 after 32 years at the company His previous position was Vice President of Science and Technology.
Kimberly Claffy

Claffy, Kimberly

Scientist, CSE

kc claffy holds a Ph.D. from the University of California at San Diego from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and now is Adjunct Professor. She acts as Principal Investigator and Director for the distributed Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA), and resident research scientist based at the University of California's San Diego Supercomputer Center.
Carlos Coimbra

Coimbra, Carlos F.

Professor/Chair, MAE

Faculty, CER

Heat and mass transfer, stochastic modeling and forecasting, variable order methods, longwave and shortwave radiation, cloud physics; concentrated solar power.

Todd Coleman

Coleman, Todd P.

Professor, BENG

ECE Affiliate Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Information theory, neuroscience, machine learning, bioelectronics

William Coles

Coles, William A.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Radio science/engineering, particularly the propagation of radio waves through turbulent media, with applications to solar wind physics and to radio astronomy in general.
Eva-Maria Collins

Collins, Eva-Maria S.

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Role of physical principles for living system. Biomechanics, asexual reproduction, and behavior and memory. Her two main model systems are freshwater planarians and hydras. 

Joel Conte

Conte, Joel P.

Professor, SE

Structural Analysis and Dynamics, Structural Reliability and Risk Analysis, Earthquake Engineering

Francisco Contijoch

Contijoch, Francisco

Asst Professor, BENG

Translational cardiovascular imaging techniques for advanced assessment of cardiovascular physiology and disease

Jorge Cortes

Cortes, Jorge

Professor, MAE

Systems and control, sensor networks, game theory, adversarial networks, cooperative robotics, and geometric mechanics

Pamela Cosman

Cosman, Pamela C.

Assoc Dean, Jacobs School

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Image and video compression for transmission over wireless, Internet or other telecommunications networks, image and video processing, computer vision, video quality evaluation.

Garrison Cottrell

Cottrell, Garrison W.

Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Facial recognition, neural networks, human cognition, cognitive science, computational philosophy, artificial intelligence (AI).

Ertugrul Cubukcu

Cubukcu, Ertugrul

Assoc Professor, NENG

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

Nanoengineered photonic devices and sensors, plasmonics, optomechanics, optical materials, light-material interactions on the nanoscale, and two dimensional materials.

Pankaj Das

Das, Pankaj

Adjunct Prof, ECE

Acousto-optics, opto-electronics, spread-spectrum communications, oversampling.
Sanjoy Dasgupta

Dasgupta, Sanjoy

Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

High-dimensional statistics, clustering, algorithms for finding underlying patterns in high-dimensional data, machine learning
Shadi Dayeh

Dayeh, Shadi A.

Assoc Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Neural probe devices for the central nervous system. Nanotechnology for drug screening. Hybrid hetero-integration science and technology for electronics.

Raymond De Callafon

De Callafon, Raymond A.

Professor, MAE

Simulation, prediction and control of dynamic systems, theory of modeling using system identification techniques, and the interaction between modeling and control.
Juan Carlos Del Alamo

Del Alamo, Juan Carlos

Professor, MAE

Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Methods, and is currently helping develop new courses for the graduate program in bio-mechanics such as Mechanics Inside the Cell.

Nathan Delson

Delson, Nathan J.

Assoc Teaching Prof, MAE

Project-based learning and teaching students how to construct myriad contraptions—from robots and clocks to medical devices.

Alin Deutsch

Deutsch, Alin

Professor, CSE

Semistructured and XML data, data security, adaptive distributed query design, and the design and optimization of query languages.
Neal Devaraj

Devaraj, Neal K.

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Faculty-Affiliate BENG


Sujit Dey

Dey, Sujit

Director/IGE, ECE Director, IGE
Director, CWC

Connected Health, Green Computing and Communications, Mobile Cloud Computing, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Smart Cities and Smart Transportation, Wireless Immersive Multimedia.

Aaron Drews

Drews, Aaron

Asst Teaching Prof, NENG

Justin Eldridge

Eldridge, Justin M.

Lecturer PSOE, CSE

Machine learning theory and AI, data science

Ahmed-Waeil Elgamal

Elgamal, Ahmed-Waeil

Professor, SE

Assoc Dean, Dean

Information Technology, Earthquake Engineering, Computational Geomechanics

Veronica Eliasson

Eliasson, Veronica

Assoc Professor, SE

Shock wave dynamics, shock, polymers, high strain rate loading.

Charles Elkan

Elkan, Charles

Professor, CSE

Automated reasoning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, database systems, expert systems, computational biology, and data mining.
Adam Engler

Engler, Adam J.

Professor, BENG

Stem cells, biomaterials, biophysics, and genetics to model diseases-in-a-dish and aging

Sadik Esener

Esener, Sadik C.

Prof Emeritus, NENG

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Photonics and opto-electronics, including optical interconnects, optical data storage, biophotonics, and cancer nanotechnology

Hadi Esmaeilzadeh

Esmaeilzadeh, Hadi

Assoc Professor, CSE

Computer architecture, immersive machine intelligence.

Y. Shaya Fainman

Fainman, Y. Shaya

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Applied optics and photonics, including 3-D imaging, biomedical optics, optical signal processing and nano-photonics.

Charles Farrar

Farrar, Charles R.

Adjt Professor, SE

Analytical and experimental solid mechanics problems with emphasis on structural dynamics.

David Fenning

Fenning, David

Asst Professor, NENG

Solar cells and solar energy storage, defect engineering in materials for energy conversion, photoelectrochemistry, synchrotron-based X-ray characterization.

Jeanne Ferrante

Ferrante, Jeanne

Professor Emerita, CSE

Compiling techniques that make scientific applications run faster.

Joseph Ford

Ford, Joseph E.

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Physical optics system design and integration for applications in imaging, communications, and energy.

Patrick Fox

Fox, Patrick J.

Adjt Professor, SE

Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.

Aaron Fraenkel

Fraenkel, Aaron M.

Lecturer PSOE, CSE

Data science, machine learning, large-scale abusive events on the internet

Stephanie Fraley

Fraley, Stephanie I.

Asst Professor, BENG

3D matrix systems biology, digital PCR, machine learning, Raman spectroscopy, infectious disease, cancer

Massimo Franceschetti

Franceschetti, Massimo

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Information science of complex networks and systems: Random networks, phase transitions and critical phenomena, wave propagation in random media, wireless communication, control systems with information loss, algorithms and protocols. Applications in the areas of wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks
Michael Frazier

Frazier, Michael J.

Asst Professor, MAE

Energy Dissipation, Elastic Wave Propagation, Phononic Materials, Mechanical Metamaterials, Multistable Materials & Structures

Yoav Freund

Freund, Yoav S.

Professor, CSE

Computational learning theory and related areas in probability theory, information theory, statistics and pattern recognition.
James Friend

Friend, James R.

Professor, MAE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Micro- and nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) and devices. Ultrasonics and nonlinear and physical effects of sound at the micro and nano scale. Medical microdevices. Acoustoelectric effects and surface acoustic waves (SAW) in piezoelectric materials. Biomedical instrumentation and transducers.

Eric Fullerton

Fullerton, Eric

Director, CMRR

Professor, ECE

Faculty, NENG

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Magnetic recording and nano-technologies; thin film and superlattice growth, interfacial and thin-film magnetism, x-ray and neutron scattering.

Yuan-Cheng Fung

Fung, Yuan-Cheng

Professor Emeritus BENG

Biomechanics of molecules, cells, tissues, and organs with a focus on developing methods to study the structural and functional link between each of these levels.
Ian Galton

Galton, Ian A.

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Data converters, frequency synthesizers, clock-recovery systems, digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to mitigate the effects of non-ideal analog circuit behavior in mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) implemented in CMOS (silicon chips).

Sicun Gao

Gao, Sicun

Asst Professor, CSE

Automated reasoning; design automation for cyber-physical systems; theory of physical computing.

Javier Garay

Garay, Javier E.

Professor, MAE

Materials processing, nanocomposites, optical materials, magnetic materials, current activated pressure assisted densification (CAPAD)

Peter Gerstoft

Gerstoft, Peter

Adjunct Professor ECE

Signal processing focused on wave propagation in acoustic, electromagnetic and seismic media with an emphasis on extracting information from noise.

Maziar Ghazinejad

Ghazinejad, Maziar

Asst Teaching Prof, MAE

Development and device integration of nanostructured materials, Micro-and nano- electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), Advanced Manufacturing and Microfabrication, Nanocarbon Materials and Devices, Engineering Education and STEM Pedagogy

Carl Gibson

Gibson, Carl H.

Professor, MAE

Theoretical and experimental studies of turbulence and turbulent mixing in the atmosphere and ocean.
Vikash Gilja

Gilja, Vikash

Asst Professor, ECE

Faculty, ECE

Professor Gilja’s research focuses on brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) with a specific interest in translating basic research into clinical applications. Using statistical signal processing, machine learning and real-time embedded systems, he develops BMIs that effectively use neural signals to control prosthetic devices for individuals with paralysis and neurodegenerative disease.

Gary Gillespie

Gillespie, Gary

Lecturer, CSE

Lecturer in the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department at UCSD. I'm teaching my 37th version of CSE 12. Additionally, I run the Tutor Training program for the CSE Department.

Joe Goddard

Goddard, Joe D.

Professor Emeritus, MAE

Rheology of complex fluids, and bio-molecular energy transduction

David Gough

Gough, David A.

Professor, BENG

Development and application of implantable biochemical sensors for the continuous monitoring of glucose, oxygen, lactate, and other metabolites.

Olivia Graeve

Graeve, Olivia A.

Professor, MAE

Solution-based processing of nanopowders; spark plasma sinteringof materials; powder particle size distribution control and characterization; behavior of colloidal systems; morphological control of non-oxide ceramic powders; composite manufacturing; special emphasis on electromagnetic materials for sensors and energy applications.

Fan Graham

Graham, Fan C.

Professor, CSE

Algorithmic design, parallel computing, communications networks, Internet computing, discrete geometry, and active compilers for the Grid.
Ronald Graham

Graham, Ronald

Prof/Comptr Info Sci, CSE

Computer science, Internet routing, and mathematics, including combinatorics, number theory, graph theory, discrete and computational geometry.
Vicki Grassian

Grassian, Vicki H.

Professor, NENG

Applications and implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology in environmental processes; aerosol chemistry and climate.
Nicholas Gravish

Gravish, Nicholas G.

Asst Professor, MAE

Robotics, robotic and biological systems, biomechanics, locomotion, manufacturing

William Griswold

Griswold, William G.

Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Software engineering and ubiquitous computing, specializing in the construction of large, complex software systems, software design, aspect-oriented software development, mobile applications, and educational technology.
Clark Guest

Guest, Clark C.

Assoc Professor, ECE

Neural networks, goal-directed AI, optical system design, computervision
Madhu Gupta

Gupta, Madhu S.

Adjunct Prof, ECE

Faculty-Emeritus, ECE

Dr. Gupta is an authority on the physical theory of noise in electron devices, and has discovered fundamental results on thermal fluctuations under nonlinear and non-equilibrium conditions that apply to nonlinear, active, and nano-scale devices.  His broader interest in radio-frequency (RF) microelectronics ranges from RF devices and components, to RF integrated circuits and packaging.  His work has advanced the technology of low-noise RF devices and circuits, which find applications in the RF front-end of wireless communication systems.

Rajesh Gupta

Gupta, Rajesh

Professor, CSE

ECE Adjunct Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Faculty, Calit2

Embedded systems and mobile computing, including the integration of software and hardware to make computers more portable and energy efficient ('power-aware' computing).
Melissa Gymrek

Gymrek, Melissa A.

Asst Professor, CSE

Genetic variation, bioinformatics, short tandem repeats, microsatellites

Drew Hall

Hall, Drew A.

Assoc Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, BENG

CMOS integrated circuits for bioelectronics, biosensors, lab-on-a-chip devices, and other biomedical devices and systems.

Jeff Hasty

Hasty, Jeff M.

Professor, BENG

Computational genomics and the dynamics of gene regulatory networks which control cell function.
Robert Hecht-Nielsen

Hecht-Nielsen, Robert

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

An authority on neural networks, he introduced the first comprehensive theory of the mammalian cerebral cortex and thalamus in 2002. His research revolves around scientific testing, elaboration, and extension of this theory.
Gilbert Hegemier

Hegemier, Gilbert A.

Distinguished Professor, SE

Earthquake engineering to retrofit bridges, roadways and buildings for improved public safetgy and structural performance

Michael Heller

Heller, Michael J.

Prof Emeritus, NENG

Microelectronic DNA chip technology and its applications to genomics and clinical diagnosis.
Richard Herz

Herz, Richard K.

Prof Emeritus, NENG

dynamics of diffusion, adsorption and reaction in porous solid media including heterogeneous catalysts. He also simulates and analyzes processes for conversion of biomass to power and fuels.
John Hildebrand

Hildebrand, John A.

Professor, ECE

Marine mammal vocalizations, acoustic wave propagation and ambient noise, algorithms for automatic detection and classification.

William Hodgkiss

Hodgkiss, William S.

Professor, Calit2

Faculty, ECE

Data telemetry, sensor array signal processing, and environmental parameter estimation.
James Hollan

Hollan, James D.

Professor, CSE

My research explores the cognitive consequences of computationally-based media. It is motivated by a belief that we are at the beginning of a paradigm shift in thinking about representational media, one that is starting to appreciate the importance of representations that are not only dynamic and interactive but that also adapt to the structure of tasks, the context of activities, and even our relationships with others. The goal is to better understand the cognitive, computational, and social ecology of these dynamic interactive adaptive media.
William Howden

Howden, William E.

Prof Emeritus, CSE

Software testing and analysis, error modeling and prevention, software design, and embedded systems.

Tzu-Chien Hsueh

Hsueh, Tzu-Chien

Asst Professor, ECE

Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for wireline communication systems, data centers, Ethernet, electrical-to-optical interfaces, silicon photonics, data links, transceivers, serializers-deserializers (SerDes), and clock-and-data recovery (CDR).

Te Hu

Hu, Te C.

Prof Emeritus, CSE

Combinatorial algorithms, mathematical programming, networks and graphs, VLSI circuit layout.

Xiaohua Huang

Huang, Xiaohua

Assoc Prof, BENG

Genomics, molecular biotechnology and bioinformatics including chemistry and biophysics of protein and DNA molecules and technologies to uncover greater information regarding the human genome and genetics.
Tara Hutchinson

Hutchinson, Tara C.

Professor, SE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Earthquake and geotechnical engineering, performance assessment of structural/nonstructural components, and machine learning and computer vision methods for damage estimation.

John Hwang

Hwang, John T.

Asst Professor, MAE


Multidisciplinary design optimization, aircraft design, satellite design, aerodynamic shape optimization, structural optimization, trajectory optimization

Todd Hylton

Hylton, Todd L.

Exec Director, ECE

Faculty-Adjunct, Dean

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Professor of practice, machine learning algorithms, natural intelligence

Trey Ideker

Ideker, Trey

Professor, CSE

Chief of Medical Genetics, BENG

Bioinformatics and systems biology; computational modeling of cellular regulatory networks; yeast genetics

Russell Impagliazzo

Impagliazzo, Russell

Professor, CSE

Computational complexity, cryptography, circuit complexity, computational randomness.
Marcos Intaglietta

Intaglietta, Marcos

Professor, BENG

Development of effective blood substitutes based on a deep understanding of the microcirculation. Applications to transfusion and emergency medicine, cancer, ischemia, and the heart-lung machine.
Ramesh Jain

Jain, Ramesh C.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Ramesh has been an active researcher in multimedia information systems, image databases, machine vision, and intelligent systems.
Tara Javidi

Javidi, Tara

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Wireless systems: stochastic and optimal resource allocation, network design and control, multi-access control, and topology design in ad hoc systems.

Sandrine Miller-Montgomery

Miller-Montgomery, Sandrine M.

Exec Dir/Pro Of Practice, BENG

Faculty-Adjunct, Dean

Professor of practice, molecular biology, microbiome discovery

Henrik Jensen

Jensen, Henrik W.

Prof Emeritus, CSE

Computer graphics, specializing in the rendering of realistic images of natural phenomena, global illumination and appearance modeling.

Ranjit Jhala

Jhala, Ranjit

Professor, CSE

Techniques for building reliable systems: model checking, automated deduction, program analysis, type systems, programming languages, software engineering, and logic.
Sungho Jin

Jin, Sungho

Prof Emeritus, MAE

Cutting-edge materials science, including nano-materials, magnetic alloys and thin films, and MEMS materials and devices.
Jesse Jokerst

Jokerst, Jesse V.

Asst Professor, NENG

Molecular Imaging, in vitro Diagnostics, ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging, regenerative medicine, cancer detection, tumor resection. 

Andrew Kahng

Kahng, Andrew B.

Professor, CSE

Faculty, ECE

Professor Kahng is an expert on the physical design of Very Large Scale Integrated circuits (VLSI), and a key strategist defining the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors. ITRS specifies the technology developments needed to keep pace with Moore's Law.

Daniel Kane

Kane, Daniel M.

Asst Professor, CSE

Mathematics, theoretical computer science, combinatorics, number theory, derandomization, Boolean functions

Boubacar Kante

Kante, Boubacar

Assoc Professor, ECE

Experimental and Theoretical Electromagnetic Materials from Microwaves to Optics for Novel Devices with Applications in Energy, Defense, and Health Systems.

Sidney Karin

Karin, Sidney

Prof Emeritus, CSE

Computational science and engineering, high-performance computing, data-intensive computing, scientific visualization and interaction environments, computer and network security, networking.

Ryan Kastner

Kastner, Ryan

Professor, CSE

Faculty, Dean

Embedded Security; Remote Sensing; Hardware Acceleration; Cyber-Physical Systems; FPGAs; Reconfigurable Computing; Underwater Sensor Networks. 

Pradeep Khosla

Khosla, Pradeep K.

Chancellor, CSE

Faculty, ECE

Internet-enabled collaborative design, collaborating autonomous systems, agent-based architectures for distributed design and embedded control, software composition and reconfigurable software for real-time embedded systems, reconfigurable and distributed robotic systems, integrated design-assembly planning systems and distributed information systems

Hyonny Kim

Kim, Hyonny

Professor/Vice-Chair, SE

Impact effects on composite materials and structures with aerospace and other applications, multifunctional materials, nano-materials, and adhesive bonding.

Hyunsun Kim

Kim, Hyunsun

Professor, SE

Structural and topology optimization, multidisciplinary design optimization, multiscale and multiphysics optimization of structures and materials, optimization with uncertainties, aerospace structures, computational mechanics.

Young-Han Kim

Kim, Young-Han

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Statistical signal processing and information theory, with applications in communication, networking, data compression, and information processing.
Kevin King

King, Kevin R.

Asst Professor, BENG

Cardiology and bioengineering

Erik Kistler

Kistler, Erik B.

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Anesthesiology & Critical Care physician,  with special research interests in inflammation and shock as it relates to microcirculation.

Jan Kleissl

Kleissl, Jan P.

Professor, MAE

Faculty, CER

Solar energy meteorology, solar variability and forecasting, urban meteorology, turbulence, field measurements and numerical modeling.

Scott Klemmer

Klemmer, Scott R.

Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Interface of design and programming, leveraging online examples of creative work to empower more users to design new user interfaces and software programs, learners to acquire new skills, experts to be more creative, and programmers to engage in more design thinking. Techniques for designers to rapidly create novel user interfaces, explore more alternatives and revise prototypes based on feedback be more creative, and programmers to engage in more design thinking. The psychological and social ingredients of design excellence?focusing on the role of alternatives and prototyping.
John Kosmatka

Kosmatka, John B.

Professor, SE

Faculty, MAE

Design, analysis, and experimental testing of light-weight advanced composite structures.

Farinaz Koushanfar

Koushanfar, Farinaz

Professor, ECE

Koushanfar’s research goal is to build more intelligent embedded computer systems that can ensure low-overhead security and trust, reduce energy usage, and improve performance within the physical resource constraints. Her work has applications in Internet of Things (IoT), antipiracy systems, medical devices, automotive systems, deep learning networks and secure bioinformatics.

Sergei Krasheninnikov

Krasheninnikov, Sergei

Professor, MAE

Fusion energy and plasma physics.

Kenneth Kreutz-Delgado

Kreutz-Delgado, Kenneth

Professor, ECE

Faculty, Calit2

Nonlinear dynamics and control;, adaptive sensory-motor control, multibody systems theory, learning theory and pattern recognition, computational vision, and data compression.
David Kriegman

Kriegman, David

Professor, CSE

Computer vision, computer graphics, face recognition and vision-guided robotics.
Miroslav Krstic

Krstic, Miroslav

Professor, MAE

AVC Research, MAE

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

Nonlinear and adaptive control, distributed parameter systems, delay systems, extremum seeking, stochastic control, and applications to automotive and aerospace systems, energy storage, and biotechnology.

Ingolf Krueger

Krueger, Ingolf

Assoc Adj Prof, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Faculty-Adjunct, Dean

Service-oriented software and systems engineering, programming methodology, and the design, implementation, and verification of distributed, reactive systems.
Petr Krysl

Krysl, Petr

Professor, SE

Finite element computational modeling techniques for solids and structures, model order reduction in nonlinear mechanics, and computer and engineering simulations in multiphysics problems.

Falko Kuester

Kuester, Falko

Professor, SE

Faculty-Affiliate, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Scientific visualization and virtual reality, with emphasis on collaborative workspaces, multi-modal interfaces, and distributed and remote visualization of large data sets.

Arun Kumar

Kumar, Arun K.

Asst Professor, CSE

Data science, advanced analytics, data management, database systems, machine learning

Duygu Kuzum

Kuzum, Duygu

Asst Professor, ECE

Nanoelectronic Devices: Nanoscale engineering of materials and devices for brain-inspired computing, heterogeneous integration of nanoelectronic devices and systems.

Neuroelectronics: Neural interfaces for studying dynamics of brain circuits, transparent probes for neuroimaging and optogenetics.

Clinical Neurodevices: Active implantable neurodevices, clinical arrays for long-term recording, dissolvable neural electrodes for post operation monitoring. 

Ester Kwon

Kwon, Ester J.

Asst Professor, BENG

Nanotechnology, Central Nervous System, Bioinspired Materials, Peptides, Drug Delivery

Ratneshwar Lal

Lal, Ratneshwar

Professor, MAE

Faculty, BENG

Nanobiotechnology, multidimensional biological atomic force microscopy, ion channel biophysics and nanomedicine.

Gert Lanckriet

Lanckriet, Gert

Adjunct Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Machine learning, applied statistics, convex optimization, with applications to music information retrieval, computer audition, computational genomics, finance.

Francesco Lanza Di Scalea

Lanza di Scalea, Francesco

Professor, SE
Director, NDE & Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory

Health Monitoring, Non-Destructive Evaluation and Experimental Mechanics of Materials and Structures

Lawrence Larson

Larson, Lawrence E.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Design of high-speed integrated circuits for wireless communications and other applications.

Juan Lasheras

Lasheras, Juan C.

Faculty-Affiliate MAE

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Turbulence and fluid mechanics with a special interest in two-phase flows. Mechano-biology. Mechanotransduction, Mechanics of cell migration and invasion. Medical devices.

Silvanus Lau

Lau, Silvanus S.

Professor, ECE

Electronic materials Science and Technology

Sing Lee

Lee, Sing H.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Professor Lee joined the faculty at UC San Diego in January 1974, after having taught at Carnegie Mellon University. He has published more than 125 refereed papers in professional journals, edited special issues of Applied Optics and Optical Engineering
Sorin Lerner

Lerner, Sorin

Professor, CSE

Programming language and analysis, including domain-specific languages, compilation, formal methods and automated theorem proving.
Nathan Lewis

Lewis, Nathan E.

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Klaus Ley

Ley, Klaus

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Dr. Ley received his B.S. from Altkönigschule-Gymnasium, Kronberg, Germany in 1976. In 1982, he received his M.D. from the Julius-Maximilians- Universität, Würzburg, Germany. Dr. Ley began his postdoctoral training from 1983 to 1987 at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. From 1987 to 1989, Dr. Ley was a visiting research scientist at the University of California, San Diego. From 1990 to 1992, Dr. Ley was appointed as scientific assistant for the Department of Physiology at Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany.
Paul Libby

Libby, Paul A.

Prof Emeritus, MAE

Laminar and turbulent reacting flows
Bill Lin

Lin, Bill

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Adjunct, CSE

Novel embedded system and VLSI architectures for communications and networking applications.

Paul Linden

Linden, Paul F.

Prof Emeritus, MAE

Experimental and theoretical study of dynamic flows, and environmental engineering.

Darren Lipomi

Lipomi, Darren J.

Assoc Professor, NENG

Mechanically compliant organic electronic materials and devices, including stretchable polymer-based solar cells and skin-like sensors, and unconventional, green approaches to nanomanufacturing.

Ping Liu

Liu, Ping

Assoc Professor, NENG

Materials and architectures for energy conversion and storage; solid-state actuation; nanomaterials synthesis and reaction mechanism in batteries; energy storage device architecture design. 

Zhaowei Liu

Liu, Zhaowei

Assoc, ECE

Development of novel nanofabrication techniques and bio-photonics, as well as research of high speed and high spatial resolution bioimaging and sensing, and light control at nanoscale using plasmonic structures
Stefan Llewellyn Smith

Llewellyn Smith, Stefan

Professor, MAE

Fluid dynamics and environmental engineering.

Yu-Hwa Lo

Lo, Yu-Hwa

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Professor Lo’s research interests are biomedical devices and systems, bioelectronics, microfluidics, nanophotonics, and semiconductor nanoscaled devices.

Kenneth Loh

Loh, Kenneth J.

Professor/Vice Chair, SE

Damage detection and localization, multifunctional materials, nanocomposites, scalable nano-manufacturing, smart infrastructure materials, structural health monitoring, thin films and coatings, tomographic methods, wearable technology.

Vitaliy Lomakin

Lomakin, Vitaliy

Professor, ECE

Theoretical and computational electromagnetics, including analytical models for studying electromagnetic phenomena occurring in complex structures, fast and robust numerical methods for calculating electromagnetic fields in complex environments, and applications of these analytical and numerical methods to the analysis and design of electromagnetic devices and systems.
Shachar Lovett

Lovett, Shachar

Assoc Professor, CSE

Computational complexity, coding theory, randomness and pseudo-randomness, explicit constructions

Vlado Lubarda

Lubarda, Vlado

Distinguished Teaching Professor, NENG

Computational and theoretical analysis of solids, specifically solid mechanics.

Andrew Lucas

Lucas, Andrew J.

Asst Professor, MAE

Biogeochemical/Physical control of phytoplankton productivity and community structure; internal waves; submesoscale physical dynamics; air/sea interactions; physical/biological interactions; autonomous vehicle development;low power wave and ocean current energy generation

j. Luco

Luco, j.

Distinguished Faculty-Emeritus, SE

Earthquake engineering, strong motion seismology, soil structure interaction

Robert Lugannani

Lugannani, Robert

Professor, ECE

Processes with an impact on communications, particularly those which are stochastic (random) in nature.

Huey-Lin Luo

Luo, Huey-Lin

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Solid-state physics, materials science, superconductivity, thin film phenomena; physical metallurgy; thin film materials for superconducting tunneling and Josephson junctions; and interface studies.
Jian Luo

Luo, Jian

Professor, NENG

Ceramics & Metals; Surfaces & Interfaces; Advanced Materials for Energy Related Applications 

Prashant Mali

Mali, Prashant

Asst Professor, BENG

Synthetic Biology, Regenerative Medicine, Genome Engineering, Stem Cell Engineering.

Xanthippi Markenscoff

Markenscoff, Xanthippi

Distinguished Professor Emerita and Recalled Professor, MAE

Solid Mechanics and Materials Science, Elasticity Theory, Micromechanics, Elastodynamics of Defects, Conservation Laws.

Sonia Martinez Diaz

Martinez Diaz, Sonia

Professor, MAE

Distributed motion coordination algorithms, distributed estimation and data gathering, optimal control policies for robotic locomotion, motion planning for underactuated systems, and low-complexity representations of mechanical systems.


Masry, Elias

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Statistical signal analysis, with a particular emphasis on time series analysis and adaptive filtering algorithms for dependent data.
Andrew Mc Culloch

Mc Culloch, Andrew D.

Professor, BENG

In-vitro, in-vivo and computational cardiac mechanics and physiology in health and disease.
Julian McAuley

McAuley, Julian J.

Asst Professor, CSE

 Recommender systems, machine learning, data mining, graphical models

John McCartney

McCartney, John S.

Department Chair, SE
Chair/Professor, SE

Thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of soils; design and analysis of thermally active geotechnical systems (energy foundations);  mechanical and hydraulic interaction between unsaturated soils and geosynthetics; centrifuge modeling of geotechnical systems involving unsaturated soils; design and characterization of alternative landfill cover systems; shear strength of geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs); and reliability-based design in geotechnical engineering.

William McEneaney

McEneaney, William M.

Professor, MAE

Nonlinear, stochastic, and robust control theory; dynamic games; estimation; max-plus algebraic methods; and partial differential equations.
Joanna McKittrick

McKittrick, Joanna M.

Professor, MAE

Generation of materials with superior properties through novel processing technique.

Elliot McVeigh

McVeigh, Elliot R.

Professor, BENG

Faculty, BENG

Cardiovascular Imaging, MRI CT. Image guided therapy. Novel MRI and CT methods.


Mendis, D. A.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Solar system physics, cometary physics, physics of dusty plasmas
Ying Shirley Meng

Meng, Ying Shirley

Professor, NENG

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

Energy storage and conversion materials: nano structured electrodes for advanced rechargeable batteries, dye-sensitized solar cells and thermoelectric conversion; charge ordering, structure stability, processing/structure/property - performance relation in functional ceramics.

Patrick Mercier

Mercier, Patrick P.

Assoc Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Dean

Energy-efficient circuit and system design, with emphasis on miniaturized devices for biomedical applications that employ novel RF, analog, digital, power management, and energy harvesting architectures.

Christian Metallo

Metallo, Christian M.

Assoc Professor, BENG

Metabolism, system biology, mass spectrometry, flux analysis, cancer, stem cell biology

Marc Meyers

Meyers, Marc A.

Faculty, MAE

Professor, NENG

Biological and bioinspired materials; nanocrystalline and ultra fine grained metals; mechanical and dynamic behavior of materials with emphasis on laser compression and high speed reactions.
Daniele Micciancio

Micciancio, Daniele

Professor, CSE

Cryptography, complexity, and the relation of the two. Develops, tests, and validates algorithms for securing E-commerce and other computer transactions.
David Miller

Miller, David R.

Prof Emeritus, MAE

Faculty, NENG

Experimental engineering physics, surface physics, gas dynamics and molecular beams.

Laurence Milstein

Milstein, Laurence B.

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Digital communications theory and wireless communications, specializing in spread-spectrum systems. Other areas of expertise include signal transmission, bandwidth considerations, and broadband wireless.

Mia Minnes Kemp

Minnes Kemp, Mia

Lecturer SOE, CSE

Theory of computation, algorithms, problem solving, overlap of math and computer science, writing in math and computer science, transitions to computer science, connections to industry.

Siavash Mirarab (Mir Arabbaygi)

Mirarab (Mir Arabbaygi), Siavash

Asst Professor, ECE

Computational biology and bioinformatics, parallel computing, and big data analytics.

Shayan Mookherjea

Mookherjea, Shayan

Professor, ECE

Other, Calit2

Photonics, nonlinear optics, quantum photonics, nanotechnology.

Tania Morimoto

Morimoto, Tania

Asst Professor, MAE

Robotics and controls; medical robotics; soft robotics; haptics; virtual and augmented reality; and teleoperation

Gilberto Mosqueda

Mosqueda, Gilberto

Professor, SE

Earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, seismic isolation and energy dissipation systems, seismic response of structural and nonstructural building systems, experimental methods including hybrid simulation.

Hidenori Murakami

Murakami, Hidenori

Professor Emeritus, MAE

Computational modeling and analysis of heterogeneous materials, including composites, for aerospace, civil and biological applications, and tensegrity structures
Farrokh Najmabadi

Najmabadi, Farrokh

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Fusion energy research and development of new techniques to study laser-materials interactions.
Ndapandula Nakashole

Nakashole, Ndapandula

Asst Professor, CSE

Natural language processing, machine learning and data mining

Siavouche Nemat-Nasser

Nemat-Nasser, Siavouche

Dir-CEAM/Prof, MAE

Development, testing and analysis of advanced materials for a variety of applications, including defense, space exploration, construction, and biotechnology.
Vitali Nesterenko

Nesterenko, Vitali F.

Professor, MAE

Strongly nonlinear wave dynamics of strongly nonlinear low dimensional metamaterials. Development of new experimental capabilities for dynamic testing. Physics and mechanics of shock and high strain, strain rate deformation, instability and fragmentation of heterogeneous solid materials. High energy processing of advanced materials and devices.

Tse Nga Ng

Ng, Tse Nga

Assoc Prof, ECE

Printed electronics, flexible sensing systems

Truong Nguyen

Nguyen, Truong

Professor/Chair, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Image/Video Processing and Communications;  3D Video;  Wavelets and Filter Banks.

Keiko Nomura

Nomura, Keiko K.

Professor, MAE

Theoretical and computational fluid mechanics, turbulence, transport phenomena, reacting flows and combustion, environmental flows.
Kenji Nomura

Nomura, Kenji

Asst Professor, ECE

Academic-Researcher, CMRR

Development of new semiconductor material and high performance flexible electronic devices for next generation electronics

Donald Norman

Norman, Donald A.

Dir/Prof Emeritus, Calit2

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

Developing the principles of human-centered design, acting as the interface between people and technology to ensure human-technology teamwork.

Eugene Olevsky

Olevsky, Eugene

Adjt Professor, NENG

Experimentation and computational modeling on powder processing.

Jeffrey Omens

Omens, Jeffrey H.

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Cardiac mechanics and mechanisms of cardiac disease

Shyue Ping Ong

Ong, Shyue Ping

Assoc Professor, NENG

Intersecting the disciplines of materials science and information science, Dr. Ong’s research will develop new materials informatics approaches to create and analyze rich materials data and apply them to the design of new energy materials.

Justin Opatkiewicz

Opatkiewicz, Justin P.

Assistant Teaching Professor, NENG

Alex Orailoglu

Orailoglu, Alex

Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Electronic design automation, VLSI testing, and synthesis of fault-tolerant integrated circuits (ICs).
Richard Ord

Ord, Richard C.

Lecturer, CSE

Rick received an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in 1987. He has been Director of the Computing Facility in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at UCSD from August of 1988 to July of 2001, at which time he became a full-time Lecturer in Computer Science. Rick has been a Lecturer in the CSE department at UCSD since January 1991 (full-time since 2001) and an Instructor in the Information Technologies department at UCSD Extension from 1987 - 2005.
Alon Orlitsky

Orlitsky, Alon

Professor, ECE

Faculty, Calit2

Faculty, CSE

Communications and information theory, with particular interests in signal processing, data compression, speech recognition and learning theory.
Roberto Padovani

Padovani, Roberto

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

Communication networks with emphasis on wireless communications.

Piya Pal

Pal, Piya

Asst Professor, ECE

High Dimensional Statistical Signal Processing and Data Analysis, Energy Efficient Sketching and Sampling For Statistical Inference, Compressive Sensing and Sparse Estimation, Tensor Methods, Convex and Non-Convex Optimization, Optical Signal Processing and High Resolution Imaging, Statistical Learning. 

Bernhard Palsson

Palsson, Bernhard O.

Professor, BENG

We study the complexity of cellular life using experimental and computational methods that span the genome to the phenotype.

Yannis Papakonstantinou

Papakonstantinou, Yannis

Professor, CSE

Database systems and Internet technologies, and specifically data integration applications that require search, querying and interaction with the information of multiple distributed sources, such as multiple Web sites.
George Papen

Papen, George C.

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Dean

Advanced photonic systems including optical communication systems, optical networking, and environmental and atmospheric remote sensing.
Tod Pascal

Pascal, Tod A.

Asst Professor, NENG

Theoretical and Computational Spectroscopy, Materials Physics, Electro Chemistry and Nanotechnology

Joseph Pasquale

Pasquale, Joseph

Professor, CSE

Operating systems, distributed systems and networks, focusing on performance and reliability of Internet-scale systems with highly decentralized control

Ramamohan Paturi

Paturi, Ramamohan

Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Algorithms, complexity theory, satisfiability, lower bounds, digital libraries, data mining, machine learning, and information technology (IT) education.
Eugene Pawlak

Pawlak, Eugene R.

Professor, MAE

Coastal and estuarine turbulent mixing processes and their interactions with topographic features.

James Perry

Perry, James C.

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Pavel Pevzner

Pevzner, Pavel A.

Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Computational molecular biology and bioinformatics, including pattern finding, DNA sequencing, DNA arrays, genome rearrangements, computational proteomics.
Nelson Nasser Peygambarian

Peygambarian, Nelson Nasser

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

Albert Pisano

Pisano, Albert P.

Dean, Jacobs School

Faculty, Dean

Micro-electro-mechanical systems, MEMS, manufacturing, wireless sensors for harsh environments, low-cost sensors.

Jonathan Pokorski

Pokorski, Jonathan K.

Assoc Professor, NENG

Polymer chemistry, polymer processing, biomaterials, nanomedicine, drug delivery.

Nadezhda Polikarpova

Polikarpova, Nadezhda

Asst Professor, CSE

Program synthesis from refinement types; enforcing information flow security using types and synthesis.

Joseph Politz

Politz, Joseph G.

Lecturer PSOE, CSE

Computer science education, programming languages, compiler design, web programming, and web security.

George Porter

Porter, George M.

Assoc Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Computer networks, data-intensive computing, and computer systems, data center networking.

Leonard Porter

Porter, Leonard E.

Lecturer PSOE, CSE

Multithreading, transactional memory, thread-level parallelism, branch-prediction, cache-design, chip-multiprocessors, simultaneous multithreading, process scheduling, architecture-aware scheduling, and cache coherence, CS1, media computation, clickers, active learning, flipped classroom, program evaluation, concept inventories, and peer instruction.

John Proakis

Proakis, John

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

Digital communications and digital signal processing, as well as communication systems modeling and simulation.
Yu Qiao

Qiao, Yu

Professor, SE

High-performance infrastructure materials, smart materials and structures, energy-related materials, failure analysis for engineering materials and structures.

Kevin Quest

Quest, Kevin B.

Professor/Vice Chair, ECE

Collisionless shock structure, magnetic reconnection, and plasma waves and instabilities
Stojan Radic

Radic, Stojan

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Optical communications, information network infrastructure, optics and photonics
Ravi Ramamoorthi

Ramamoorthi, Ravi

Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

 Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Signal Processing, Rendering, Visual computing

Padmini Rangamani

Rangamani, Padmini

Faculty-Affiliate MAE

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Biological systems design, transport phenomena in biological membranes, influence of cell shape on biological activation of signaling networks, morphological and topological changes to lipid membranes mediated by proteins and cytoskeletal forces, computational biology and biophysics.

Bhaskar Rao

Rao, Bhaskar D.

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Digital signal processing, estimation theory, and optimization theory, with applications to digital communications, speech signal processing, and human-computer interactions.

Ramesh Rao

Rao, Ramesh R.

Dir/SD Div/Prof/ECE, Calit2

Faculty, ECE

Architectures, protocols and performance analysis of wireless, wire line and photonic networks for integrated multimedia services
Gabriel Rebeiz

Rebeiz, Gabriel M.

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Faculty, Calit2

Professor Rebeiz's expertise includes design of silicon RFICs for microwave and millimeter-wave systems with a specialty on phased arrays and low power circuits, active and passive imaging systems up to THz frequencies (including thermal imagers), THz CMOS and SiGe electronics, RF micro-electro-mechanical systems (RF MEMS), reconfigurable front-ends including tunable filters and tunable antennas, cognitive radios, planar antennas from RF to THz frequencies, radars, and collision avoidance systems for automotive applications.

Jose Restrepo

Restrepo, Jose I.

Professor, SE

Seismic design of buildings for improved response during earthquakes.

Barnaby Rickett

Rickett, Barnaby J.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Radio astronomy, electromagnetic waves, and space science.

Laurel Riek

Riek, Laurel D.

Assoc Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Robotics, healthcare engineering, human-robot interaction, machine perception, computer vision, machine learning, non-linear dynamics

Tajana Rosing

Rosing, Tajana S.

Professor, CSE

ECE Adjunct Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Embedded system design, resource management at the system level, hardware management and embedded software optimization, power management algorithms.


Rotenberg, Manuel

Prof Emeritus, ECE

James Rottman

Rottman, James W.

Adjunct Prof, MAE

James Rottman's research interests focus on meteorology and oceanography and include theoretical, numerical and experimental studies of internal waves, gravity currents, wake flows, turbulence, and mixing in stratified fluids.
M. Rudee

Rudee, M. L.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Structure Property Relations in Materials for the Electronics Industry
Erkki Ruoslahti

Ruoslahti, Erkki

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

BIomedical Sciences, Cell Biology, Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

Robert Sah

Sah, Robert L.

Professor, BENG

Cartilage repair and tissue engineering; relationship between biomechanical function, metabolism, composition, and structure of cartilage during growth, aging, degeneration (osteoarthritis), repair, and regeneration.
Abhishek Saha

Saha, Abhishek

Asst Professor, MAE

Combustion, fluid mechanics, propulsion, flame dynamics, droplet dynamics

David Saintillan

Saintillan, David

Professor, MAE

Microscale flow modeling, biophysical fluid mechanics, complex fluids, electrokinetics, microfluidics. 

Antonio Sanchez

Sanchez, Antonio L.

Professor, MAE

Reacting and nonreacting flows

John Sanford

Sanford, John R.

Professor Of Practice, ECE

Faculty-Adjunct, Dean

Artificial Intelligence, Antenna Design, Filter Design, Array Signal Processing, Self-Organizing Networks, Mass Production Processes, Technology Roadmap Development, M&A Process.

Sutanu Sarkar

Sarkar, Sutanu

Professor, MAE

Computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, environmental flows

Lawrence Saul

Saul, Lawrence K.

Professor, CSE

Machine learning, pattern recognition, voice processing, auditory computation and methods for high dimensional data analysis.
Stefan Savage

Savage, Stefan

Professor, CSE

Computer security issues (especially worms, viruses, intrusion detection and denial-of-service attacks), wide-area and wireless networking, and distributed and/or adaptive computer systems.

Walter Savitch

Savitch, Walter J.

Prof Emeritus, CSE

Complexity theory, formal language theory, computational linguistics, and the development of computer science education materials.

Geert Schmid-Schoenbein

Schmid-Schoenbein, Geert W.

Professor, BENG


Molecular and cellular biomechanics, mechanotransduction and microcirculation. Development of the Autodigestion Theory.  Design of new tools for prevention and treatment of sepsis with multiorgan failure, metabolic syndrome and autism.

Oliver Schmidt

Schmidt, Oliver T.

Asst Professor, MAE

Hydrodynamic stability, computational fluid mechanics, intermittency and rare events, modal decomposition, model order reduction

Alan Schneider

Schneider, Alan M.

Prof Emeritus, MAE

Systems science applied to biomedical problems.
Julian Schroeder

Schroeder, Julian I.

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Genomics, cell type specific transcriptomes and methylomes, CO2 metabolism
and signaling networks
Jurgen Schulze

Schulze, Jurgen P.

Assoc Res Sci, Calit2

Academic-Researcher, Calit2

Faculty-Adjunct, CSE

Immersive virtual reality, augmented reality, real-time rendering of large data sets, volume rendering, 3D user interfaces.

Curt Schurgers

Schurgers, Curt

Assoc Teaching Prof, ECE

Course development, active learning and research experiences for undergraduates. Research in wireless and embedded systems.

Frieder Seible

Seible, Frieder

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, SE

Design and retrofit of buildings and bridges for earthquake safety, new technologies to renew the nation's aging infrastructure, and bomb blast-resistant design of critical infrastructure.

Terrence Sejnowski

Sejnowski, Terrence J.


Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Faculty-Affiliate, BENG

Faculty, CSE

Terrence J. Sejnowski, professor and head of the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory, is a pioneer in the field of computational neuroscience.
Kalyanasundaram Seshadri

Seshadri, Kalyanasundaram

Professor, MAE

Experimental and analytical studies on combustion
Nambirajan Seshadri

Seshadri, Nambirajan

Professor Of Practice, ECE

Faculty-Adjunct, Calit2

Wireless communication, theory, systems and networking, health and wellness technologies, online education.

Nisarg Shah

Shah, Nisarg

Asst Professor, NENG

Biomaterials and nanoscale self-assembly, immune engineering, regenerative medicine

Sameer Shah

Shah, Sameer B.

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Neuromuscular Bioengineering, Neurobiology, biomechanics, and neuromuscular function.

Pui-Shum Shing

Shing, Pui-Shum

Professor, SE

Earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, inelastic behavior of concrete and masonry structures, bridge structures, finite element modeling of concrete and masonry structures, structural testing, structural control, pseudynamic and fast hybrid test techniques.

Paul Siegel

Siegel, Paul H.

Professor, CMRR

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Information theory, coding theory, and communication theory, with applications to digital data storage and transmission.

Daniel Sievenpiper

Sievenpiper, Daniel F.

Professor, ECE

Novel electromagnetic media including nonlinear and active metasurfaces and other periodic structures for radio through optical frequency applications

Gabriel Silva

Silva, Gabriel A.

Professor, BENG

Bioengineering and neuroengineering applications of retinal physiology, visual neuroscience, and ophthalmology, including the interface between cells and micro/nanotechnologies.

Donald Sirbuly

Sirbuly, Donald J.

Assoc Professor, NENG

Nanophotonic sensors and devices, nanostructured semiconductors for applications in optics, energy conversion, and medicine.
Robert Skelton

Skelton, Robert E.

Prof Emeritus, MAE

Design of dynamic feedback control systems for a variety of applications, including vibration control, model reduction theory, and integration of plant and control design.
Larry Smarr

Smarr, Larry L.

Director/Prof/CSE, Calit2

Faculty, CSE

Internet, information technology, telecommunications, supercomputing, interdisciplinary research, networking, and the wireless Web.
Alex Snoeren

Snoeren, Alex C.

Professor, CSE

Computer systems, including operating systems and networking, and particularly protocols to support secure and robust wide-area mobile computing.
Bang Song

Song, Bang S.

Prof Emeritus, ECE

Endowed Chair, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

CMOS integrated circuits for communications, design of integrated filters, frequency synthesizers, radio frequency (RF) circuits, and analog-digital data converters, among other devices critical to wireless communications.
Harold Sorenson

Sorenson, Harold

Prof Emeritus, MAE

Systems engineer, founding UCSD faculty member, former Air Force Chief Scientist, MITRE GM, co-founder Orincon
Deian Stefan

Stefan, Deian

Asst Professor, CSE

Building principled and practical secure systems, cryptography, confinement, information flow control, web application security, and programming languages.

Nicole Steinmetz

Steinmetz, Nicole F.

Professor, NENG

Faculty-Affiliate, BENG

Nanomedicine, bionanotechnology, immunoengineering

Hao Su

Su, Hao

Asst Professor, CSE

Aritificial intelligence, machine learning, copmputer vision and graphics, robotics, deep learning.

Shankar Subramaniam

Subramaniam, Shankar

Professor, BENG

Faculty, CSE

Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Medicine
Lanping Amy Sung

Sung, Lanping Amy

Professor Emeritus, BENG

Molecular basis of erythrocyte cell membrane mechanics.

Steven Swanson

Swanson, Steven J.

Professor, CSE

Hardware/software interactions, applications and architectures for non-volatile solid-state memories, ultra-efficient specialized computing architectures, architectures for data-centric computing, and software optimizations for multi-core processors.


Sworder, David D.

Professor, ECE

Guidance and control systems and the signal processing of heterogeneous streams of data.
Jan Talbot

Talbot, Jan B.

Prof Emeritus, NENG

Frank Talke

Talke, Frank E.

Professor, MAE

Faculty, CMRR

Mechanics and tribology of magnetic storage, and micro-mechanical design techniques for ultra-high density disk drives

Andrea Tao

Tao, Andrea R.

Assoc Professor, NENG

Functional nanostructured materials, including nanowires, nanophotonics, and biomimetic materials. She works in nanophotonics and optics at the nanoscale, in the synthesis and assembly of platonic nanocrystals, and in developing nanowires for sensing applications.

Daniel Tartakovsky

Tartakovsky, Daniel M.

Faculty-Adjunct, MAE

Tartakovsky's research interests include Applied and computational mathematics (mathematical modeling of complex systems, uncertainty quantification, probabilistic risk assessment, stochastic partial differential equations, hybrid numerical algorithms, spatial statistics, data assimilation), Environmental fluid mechanics (multiphase flows, subsurface flow andermal energy), and Biomedical modeling (blood flow, microcirculation, intracellular and intercellular transport, bioinformatics, computational cell biology, hemodynamics).

Yuan Taur

Taur, Yuan

Professor, ECE

Semiconductor device design expert who specializes in the structure and physics of transistors.

Michael Todd

Todd, Michael D.

Professor, SE

Structural dynamics, nonlinear vibrations, time series modeling, structural health monitoring strategies for civil, mechanical, and aerospace systems, fiber optic sensor system design and noise propagation modeling.

Michael Tolley

Tolley, Michael T.

Asst Professor, MAE

Bioinspired and soft robotic systems, printable and origami-inspired robotics, self-assembly and self-folding, microfabrication, microassembly, microfluidics, simulation and assembly planning.

Ingrid Tomac

Tomac, Ingrid

Asst Professor, SE

Behavior of dense fluid-particulate systems; particle agglomerations; rock behavior of deep geo-reservoirs; hydraulic fracture intitation and propagation in rock mass; re-fracturing and hydro-thermo-mechanical coupled processes in fractured rock mass; proppant flow and transport in geo-reservoirs; induced seismicity and CO2 sequestration.

Behrouz Touri

Touri, Behrouz

Asst Professor, ECE

Other, Calit2

Network control systems, stochastic control, optimization, distributed computation, distributed optimization, game theory, multi-agent systems, dynamics of biological networks, population games, learning theory

Mohan Trivedi

Trivedi, Mohan M.

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Computer vision, robotics and sensors for a number of cutting-edge applications, including "smart cars" (telematics), intelligent transportation systems, ?smart rooms" (intelligent environments), biometrics (facial recognition) and sensor-based intelligent systems.

Charles Tu

Tu, Charles W.

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Compound semiconductor materials for electronic, opto-electronic, and photovoltaic devices.

Zhuowen Tu

Tu, Zhuowen

Assoc Professor, CSE

My research is on the interface of visual inference, machine learning, neuro imaging, and medical informatics. I have been specifically focused on studying statistical learning/computing models for structural, large-scale, and multi-modality data prediction.

Dean Tullsen

Tullsen, Dean

Chair/Professor, CSE

Processor architecture for high-end computing; widely credited with an innovation that can double the performance of a new generation of microprocessors.

George Tynan

Tynan, George R.

Assoc Dean, Jacobs School

Professor, MAE

Basic and applied plasma physics.

Chia-Ming Uang

Uang, Chia-Ming

Professor, SE

Earthquake engineering, seismic analysis and design of steel of structures, large-scale testing.

Mohammed Vahdat

Vahdat, Mohammed

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Distributed systems, computer networks, operating systems, Internet security, and mobile/wireless systems.
Daniela Valdez-Jasso

Valdez-Jasso, Daniela

Asst Professor, BENG

Soft-tissue biomechanics, cardiovascular physiology, pulmonary hypertension, vascular biology, mathematical modeling, parameter estimation & optimization.

Yael Van Den Einde

Van Den Einde, Yael D.

Lecturer, SE

Lelli Van Den Einde is a Lecturer (LPSOE) in the Department of Structural Engineering at UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering.

Alexander Vardy

Vardy, Alexander

Professor, ECE

Faculty, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Information theory specializing in error-correcting codes for data transmission and storage.

Shyni Varghese

Varghese, Shyni

Assoc Professor, BENG

Adult and embryonic stem cells, biomaterials, smart hydrogels, cell/matrix interactions, disease progression, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine

Nuno Vasconcelos

Vasconcelos, Nuno M.

Professor, ECE

Faculty, Calit2

Statistical signal processing, computer vision, machine learning, multimedia

Oscar Vazquez Mena

Vazquez Mena, Oscar

Asst Professor, NENG

Integration of graphene and nanoscale materials into nanoscale devices for photovoltaics, biosensing and two-dimensional hybrid metamaterials. 

Kenneth Vecchio

Vecchio, Kenneth S.

Professor, NENG

The creation and performance testing of new composite materials and alloys

Victor Vianu

Vianu, Victor D.

Professor, CSE

Reinventing the database in response to recent developments, including the emergence of the World Wide Web.

Geoffrey Voelker

Voelker, Geoffrey M.

Professor, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Computer systems research in operating systems, distributed systems, networking, and mobile and wireless computing.

Joseph Wang

Wang, Joseph

Professor/Chair, NENG

Director, CWS

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

A leader in a wide range of research areas including nanomachines, nanobioelectronics, and sensing technologies for applications including clinical diagnostics, environmental and security monitoring and remote sensing.

Yingxiao Wang

Wang, Yingxiao

Professor, BENG

Molecular engineering, fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), live cell imaging, and bio-nanotechnology to visualize and elucidate the molecular mechanisms by which live cells perceive the environment and to engineer machinery molecules for the reprogramming of cellular functions.

John Watson

Watson, John T.

Professor Emeritus BENG

A von Liebig Center founding director, artificial hearts, team builder in medical progress, National Academy of Engineering
Robert Weinreb

Weinreb, Robert N.

Faculty-Affiliate BENG

Glaucoma Surgery, Optic neuropathy and aging of the eye, Cell and molecular biology of uveoscleral outflow, Imaging of the optic disc and retinal nerve fiber layer, Mechanisms of optic nerve damage in glaucoma, Neuroprotection in glaucoma, 

Bruce Wheeler

Wheeler, Bruce C.

Adjt Professor, BENG

Brain-on-a-chip, micropatterning neurons and microelectrode arrays, neural signal processing. Bioengineering Education.
Prof. Wheeler is particularly interested in the future of our young biomedical engineers. To this end he is heavily involved in UCSDs's new undergraduate Bioengineering Systems major, teaching and developing courses in instrumentation, signal processing and design. In his work with the UCSD Bioengineering: Systems UG major he emphasizes classical systems engineering but is cognizant that this education needs to take place in a context of genomics/informatics and the wearable/sensor/physiologic revolutions, both of which are changing the practice of medicine.
David Whelan

Whelan, David A.

Professor Of Practice, ECE

Faculty-Adjunct, Dean

Research, design and engineering of RADAR, LIDAR, communication and navigation systems.

Forman Williams

Williams, Forman A.

Professor Emeritus, MAE

Energy from combustion, combustion efficiency, and combustion instability problems in a variety of engines, including rockets.
Stanley Williamson

Williamson, Stanley

Professor Emeritus, CSE

Discrete mathematics, algorithmic and algebraic combinatorics, graph theory.

Sheng Xu

Xu, Sheng

Asst Professor, NENG

Faculty-Affiliate, BENG

Faculty-Affiliate, ECE

Soft electronics, nano electronics, and materials for energy

Kesong Yang

Yang, Kesong

Asst Professor, NENG

A theme of my research is to study structural, electronic, optical and magnetic properties of materials, aiming to understand, predict, optimize materials properties and design novel functional materials.

Michael Yip

Yip, Michael

Asst Professor, ECE

Faculty, Calit2

Faculty-Affiliate, MAE

Robotics and controls; medical robotics; soft robotics; optimization; machine learning; sensors and actuators; control theory; computer vision; image-guidance and augmented reality; teleoperation; and haptics.

Paul Yu

Yu, Paul K.

Dean (Interim), ECE

Professor, ECE

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Microwave photonics, with research on electronic and opto-electronic devices and advanced materials for use in photonic devices.
Kenneth Yun

Yun, Kenneth Y.

Prof Emertitus, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Asynchronous design methods, the synthesis, verification, and analysis of mixed-timed VLSI designs, particularly interface design methodologies and tools to facilitate ultra-high-speed communications between synchronous-asynchronous modules.
Kenneth Zeger

Zeger, Kenneth A.

Professor, ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Information coding and data compression, information theory, and signal processing, including image and speech processing.
James Zeidler

Zeidler, James R.

Res (Emeritus), ECE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Adaptive signal and array processing for wireless networks, and antenna arrays.
Karsten Zengler

Zengler, Karsten B.

Assoc Adj Prof, BENG

Microbial Physiology and Metabolism, Microbiomes, Aerobiosis, Amino Acids

Jin Zhang

Zhang, Jin

Faculty-Affiliate, BENG

Kun Zhang

Zhang, Kun

Chair/Professor, BENG

Integrative genomics, with a focus on human stem cells; single-cell genomics; genetical genomics; epigenomics

Liangfang Zhang

Zhang, Liangfang

Professor, NENG

Faculty-Affiliate, BENG

Biomimetic nanomedicine for drug delivery, detoxification, vaccination and diagnosis 

Xinyu Zhang

Zhang, Xinyu

Assoc Professor, ECE

Other, Calit2

5G millimeter-wave networking; distributed and multi-user MIMO; mobile video streaming and virtual reality; visible light sensing and localization; RFID sensing; low-power and batteryless Internet-of-Things.

Jishen Zhao

Zhao, Jishen

Asst Professor, CSE

Computer architecture and systems software, memory and storage systems, acceleration mechanisms, high-performance computing.

Sheng Zhong

Zhong, Sheng

Professor, BENG

Faculty, IEM

Computational genomics, epigenomics, stem cells and developmental biology, single-cell nano-technology.  

Yuanyuan Zhou

Zhou, Yuanyuan

Professor, CSE

Yuanyuan (YY) Zhou is a Qualcomm Chair Professor at University of California, San Diego, where she joined since 2009. Prior to UCSD, she was working at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign as a faculty from 2002 to 2009.
Qiang Zhu

Zhu, Qiang

Assoc Prof, SE

Ocean engineering, biomechanics.

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