The Research Ethics Initiative at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering is based on the premise that strengthening the culture of ethics within any organization requires transparency and discussion. The goal of this Initiative is to build on an NSF-funded project at the Jacobs School in order to create sustainable opportunities for important ethical conversations to occur. (Read the Jacobs School press release.)

  • The presumption is that most members of this community want to do the right thing. And by and large, they do.
  • However, not everyone is aware of and/or attentive to factors that might compromise their actions.
  • Based on theory and evidence, a well-established first step in any exploration into ethics is finding ways to encourage widespread reflection and conversations about ethical challenges we face and solutions worth considering.

This Research Ethics website is part of an open invitation for the Jacobs School of Engineering community -- including students, faculty, and staff -- to explore the nuances of research ethics. This is intended as a starting point for conversations about ethics and education, research, and application in engineering. This is not, however, the final word. It is a work in progress designed to evolve as we learn more about what works, what needs clarification, and what should be added or removed.

The information on these pages builds on 30 years of scholarship focused on promoting and protecting research integrity

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to explore this website: