We hope you will use these documents to start proactive conversations about responsible conduct of research.


About the Guidelines Documents

These documents were developed through a process involving the consultation of JSOE faculty and students, as well as experts in research ethics. Between June and July, 2020, a total of eight online meetings were convened:, two for each of four draft guidelines documents.

Please use these guideline documents to stimulate reflection and conversation in the Jacobs School of Engineering. Everyone involved in research, including faculty, students, and staff, should be involved in discussions about responsible conduct of research. These documents can serve as templates for research groups to develop their own policies or as a starting point for groups to discuss and establish expectations around research conduct, mentoring, data management, and authorship. Consider reviewing these with your research group annually or when bringing on new members.

Please Note: These topics may bring up personal grievances or allegations of misconduct. If you have allegations regarding misconduct. Information on how to report such issues is available here.


  • These are intended to be “living” documents. We welcome your feedback and reflections on how they worked for you.
  • Please use this Feedback Form for questions and feedback.