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It's a creative space.

The EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio at UC San Diego is a hands-on, experiential education facility where visual arts and engineering communities converge. The nearly 3,000 square foot studio provides a wide range of design, fabrication and prototyping tools, both analog and digital.


Getting started:

All undergraduate engineering students as well as undergraduate and graduate visual arts students have access to EnVision. To use the resources in the lab, go to the Student Portal (link at top of page) and fill out the Responsibility Contract. You will receive a confirmation email once you have been granted access. Access to trainings for specific machines is also available through the Student Portal.


Arts + Engineering

Analog Prototyping is a crucial skill for both visual artists and engineers.




Instead of Just Telling Students to Solve Problems, Teach Them How

Instead of Just Telling Students to Solve Problems, Teach Them How

October 10, 2023

Problem solving is a critical skill for technical education and technical careers of all types. But what are best practices for teaching problem solving to high school and college students? The UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering is on the forefront of efforts to improve how problem solving is taught.  Full Story

Problem-solving like an expert

Problem-solving like an expert

August 15, 2022

Learning to become better problem solvers is how several San Diego high school students, as well as high school teachers, spent part of the summer here at the University of California San Diego. The engineering problem-solving course they participated in is part of a larger UC San Diego project to better prepare more San Diegans for technical careers. The UC San Diego approach involves teaching practical problem-solving skills that have been extracted out of the practice of engineering.    Full Story

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