About Envision

Visual artists and engineers working shoulder to shoulder on projects that connect theory with practice. That's just part of what's exciting about the EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio. It's an experiential teaching facility where both engineering and visual arts students are empowered to think, design, make, tinker, break and build again.

"Our engineering and visual arts faculty are creating fantastic hands-on courses that take advantage of the maker studio's powerful mix of design and prototyping facilities," said Albert P. Pisano, Dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering. "We are giving students new opportunities to gain the confidence and motivation they will need to succeed in classes, internships, faculty research projects and ultimately their careers."

The maker studio opened to students in January 2016 with more than 25 sections of four different hands-on laboratory classes, including multiple sections from the Jacobs School of Engineering and from Visual Arts.

"The spirit of collaboration and innovation, plus the skills that students gain through these unique courses are transferable to their careers well beyond their university years," said Della Coletta, Dean of the UC San Diego Division of Arts & Humanities. "The cutting-edge curriculum aligns with our division's intellectual priorities and the intersection of perspective, skills, tools, creativity and rigorous interdisciplinary research supported by the university."





Structural & Materials Engineering (SME) Building

Rooms 303, 305, and 306
UC San Diego