Our mission

We educate tomorrow's technology leaders.
We conduct leading edge research and drive innovation.
We transfer discoveries for the benefit of society.


  • To leverage our world renown to pursue engineering and computer science for the public good.
  • To pursue interdisciplinary research that solves challenges no lab, discipline or industry can solve alone.
  • To provide world-class theoretical and hands-on education and leadership training at scale.
  • To be relevant to our industry partners now, and also 10 years from now.
  • To strengthen our climate and culture of inclusion, equity and diversity.


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Recent News

Wearable Ultrasound Patch Enables Continuous, Non-Invasive Monitoring of Cerebral Blood Flow
May 22, 2024

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a wearable ultrasound patch that ...

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$21 Million Gift to UC San Diego Honors Unique Efforts to Link Chemical and Nano Engineering More Strongly
May 21, 2024

A $21M gift from Aiiso Yufeng Li (Jeff) and his wife, DongDong Li (Doreen), honors unique efforts at...

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'MUSIC Map' Reveals Some Brain Cells Age Faster and Are More Prevalent in Alzheimer’s
May 14, 2024

UC San Diego engineers have discovered that some brain cells age more rapidly than others, and they ...

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Franklin Antonio Hall Sparks Research Collaborations
May 13, 2024

From improving tools for robot-assisted surgery to studying how humans prefer to interact with robot...

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Plant Virus Treatment Shows Promise in Fighting Metastatic Cancers in Mice
May 13, 2024

An experimental treatment made from a plant virus is effective at protecting against a broad range o...

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