Undergraduate Student Organizations

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1. It's a resume builder (at the very least)

We all know that in today’s job market, just having a college degree is not always enough. Employers love to see that you can go above and beyond, and a student organization is a perfect place to do just that. Through participating in the organization’s activities, you can also gain tangible experiences to talk about in interviews.

2. Meet and network with like-minded people

Student organizations bring together people of similar interests - people who you might not have met if you didn’t join. You may be fortunate enough to find a new best friend, or you might get to know that colleague who will connect you with a job opportunity in five years. Also, student clubs can connect you with more than just peers - you’re able to get to know faculty too. The advisor of the organization can be a clutch professional resource.

3. You'll grow in ways you never could’ve expected

College is already a hotbed for personal growth and development, and a student organization is a fantastic venue to seek out enriching experiences that YOU find interesting and worthwhile.

Bottom line? Get involved (and that means more than going to the first few club meetings), make an impact, and enjoy the best time of your life.

4. Make a Difference

When you get involved, you become a role model for others to aspire to. Your time and efforts will have real and lasting impacts that improve the experiences of the students who come after you.

Cited from: Sydney Abbott, Linkedin

Top 5 Competencies and Transferrable Skills

  1. Effective oral and written communication skills that anticipate and adapt respond to the needs of diverse audiences and communication contexts (including digital environments)
  2. Critical thinking and complex problem solving skills: Skill in analytic reasoning and systems thinking in real-world settings, resulting in innovative solutions within desired constraints
  3. Proactive ability for research: Ability to identify reliable sources of, and to access and, evaluate, and use information, including images and visual media, effectively for life-long supplementation of initial knowledge base.
  4. Demonstrated ability for self-reflection and self-improvement, ability to seek and use feedback
  5. Leadership: Demonstrated initiative, effective decision making, informed risk taking; ability to motivate and inspire others to a shared purpose

Track your development with your Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) validates your educational achievements outside of the classroom while you are a student at UC San Diego. The research and experiential learning activities you complete are tied to competencies (transferrable skills) that will help you market yourself to potential employers and/or graduate programs. In a competitive field where all applicants have excellent grades, your CCR helps you stand out! Create and Track your progress starting today at https://myccr.ucsd.edu/home.htm.

  • Join an engineering club or start one of your own if you can’t find something that interests you Stop by the IDEA Student Center (EBU1) and talk with a student organization advisor.
  • Attend an event advertised on the Center for Student Involvement main webpage.
  • Volunteer for or run for a Student Government position. Elections happen in winter and spring quarters each academic year.
  • Join one of UCSD's 400+ student organizations. Get more info here: https://students.ucsd.edu/student-life/involvement/.
  • If you live in the Residence Halls there are lots of great activities and opportunities. Connect with your Resident Assistant or Housing Assistant to find our more information.
  • Participate in Intramurals, Outback Adventures, or Fitness Classes offered through Sports & Recreation.
  • Everyone's A Triton... Make time and support Tritons Athletics Teams - It's FREE!
  • Visit a Campus Community Center: the Black Resource Center, Cross Cultural Center, Women’s Center, LGBT Resource Center, American Indian Resource Center, la Raza, and SPACES are all excellent resources in your journey to make the most of your time at UCSD.


Engineering Organizations


Click the Organization Logo for more information and a link to their website!

More in depth introductions are also available on the IDEA Center YouTube Channel!


For a list of graduate student organizations please visit, http://www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/idea/student-orgs/graduate