Graduate Student Organizations

Jacobs Graduate Student Council

The Jacobs Graduate Student Council (JGSC) is a volunteer group of Jacobs graduate students from all engineering departments who organize events to strengthen the Jacobs School of Engineering community. JGSC hosts a number of recurring events each year including a kickoff BBQ, coffee hours, the pi mile run, and a mentoring program. (Email Contact:

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The GSA is the official representative body of graduate and professional student at UCSD, which exists to advocate for the rights and interests of our diverse community, to provide for the enjoyment of social, cultural, and service-oriented events, and for the betterment of academic and non-academic life of all graduate and professional students at UC San Diego.

Bioengineering Graduate Student Group (BEGS)

Bioengineering Graduate Society (BEGS) at UC San Diego is one of the longest continuously-running societies of its kind in the United States. Through outreach, industry collaboration, and support from faculty and staff, we represent the interests of the top-tier cohort of graduate students in the Department of Bioengineering at UC San Diego.

Computer Science & Engineering Graduate Student Association (CSEGSA)

The CSE Graduate Student Organization (CSE-GSA) is an organization by CSE grad students, for CSE grad students. They host a Grad Wiki for sharing wisdom, coordinating activities, and recording department events. If you have a tip that makes the grad student experience smoother, take a moment to jot it down here so that your knowledge is not lost forever. Anyone is free to update old content and add new pages.

Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Graduate Student Council

The goal of the ECE Graduate Student Council is to organize both academic and social events for the graduate student body, faculty, and staff in the department, and to be a resource for graduate students as they begin their work at UCSD.

Structural Engineering Graduate Student Association

They’ve got 99 problems, but a bridge ain’t one. (Email Contact:

UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge

The Entrepreneur Challenge at UC San Diego is designed to foster community involvement and technological innovation by bringing multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, scientists, and business-minded students together with local area entrepreneurs and professionals in order that they might shape the world of tomorrow by securing the health of San Diego’s economy today.

Women in Computing (WIC)

WIC represent the coders and engineers - both women and men - who support the female presence in computing. We run events, from tech talks to socials, and provide opportunities for female engineers to connect and succeed.

Black Graduate Student Association

The Black Graduate Student Association works to support a network of individuals dedicated to the advancement of African-American and black scholarship, to encourage minority undergraduates to commit to postgraduate education, to promote the general campus welfare via cultural interchange, to provide a forum for social networking and community building, and to provide a space for open dialog and discussion about issues confronting black graduate students.