Programs and Events for Admitted Undergraduate Students

The IDEA Engineering Student Center is dedicated to increasing the application and acceptance rate of undergraduate and graduate students from historically underrepresented groups, including economically and socially disadvantaged students, in the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Engineering Overnight Program

In partnership with the SPICEE Overnight Program and the Black Student Union (BSU) Overnight Program, the Engineering Overnight Program (EOP) offers activities and workshops that are culturally relevant and academically based to high school seniors who have been admitted to an engineering major at UC San Diego.

Engineering Majors at UC San Diego

Engineering Series for Admitted Transfer Students

This program offers a series of activities and events to transfer students who have been admitted to an engineering major at UC San Diego, providing opportunities for participants to get to know current and fellow admitted transfer students, as well as gain familiarity with the student programs and services offered to engineering students at the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Summer Programs

  • Summer Engineering Institute: 5-week, credit-bearing and residential program to support incoming freshmen in making the transition from high school to the rigors of a university-level engineering curriculum, and build awareness of relevant campus programs and resources.
  • Transfer Prep: free 5-day program that provide incoming transfer engineering students with the opportunity to acclimate to campus life, build skills and habits necessary for success in engineering, and develop community amongst their peers before beginning their courses in the fall.

Cohort-Based Programs

  • ACES Scholars: a two-year program that engages and supports highly motivated engineering students from economically and educationally underserved backgrounds.
  • IDEA Scholars: foster community building and academic excellence among our top incoming freshman engineering students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Jacobs Scholars: selected for their academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, commitment to community, and innovative potential, Jacobs Scholars represent the top of the engineering applicants to the Jacobs School of Engineering.