Engineering Learning Communities



Learning through practice, problem-solving, and applying concepts.

"My peer educator really made us think about the steps and angles of developing a solution. At the same time, I was enrolled in an ECE course and my instructor for that course was having us think this way too. I’m realizing this is engineering and how engineers think about problems and solutions."
- 1st year Electrical Engineering Student

Spring 2024


Math 20A

Not Offered Spring 2024

Math 20B

Tuesday 4 - 5:45PM

Math 20C

Tuesday 4 - 5:45PM

Wednesday 2 - 3:45PM 

Thursday 1 - 2:45PM

Math 20D

Monday 4 - 5:45PM

Thursday 11 - 12:45PM

Math 20E

Tuesday 2 - 3:45PM


Math 18

Monday 10 - 11:45AM

Tuesday 12 - 1:45pm

Tuesday 4 - 5:45pm



Physics 2A

Wednesday 5 - 6:45PM


Physics 2B

Monday 6 - 7:45PM

Wednesday 3 - 4:45PM

Thursday 5 - 6:45PM

Physics 2C

Wednesday 12 - 1:45PM

Thursday 3 - 4:45PM


Chem 6A

Not Offered Spring 2024

Chem 6B

Not Offered Spring 2024

Chem 6C

Monday 12 - 1:45PM



Not Offered Spring 2024

MAE 30B 

Tuesday 2 - 3:45PM




Click Here for Spring Enrollment 

Enrollment is allocated on a first-come, first serve basis, sign up early!

Just Prior to Week 1: Students enrolled will receive communication from the Peer Educator leading the section.

Week 1: ELCs officially start!

Week 2-4: Students on waitlists will be placed in ELCs as spots become available.


Engineering Learning Communities are formal study groups that bring engineering students into a supportive environment where they can develop confidence, strengthen study skills, and learn the value of collaborative study. This small academic environment seeks to increase student mastery and motivation by eliminating the intimidating large classes that engineering students experience particularly in the freshman year. Learning Communities at other institutions have proven effective in improving grades, motivation, and learning over the past 2 years.

What you can expect from the Engineering Learning Communities program:

Weekly 1 hour and 45 minute problem solving sessions with a Peer Educator.
Collaboration with other participants, teaching and learning from each other.
Tips and guidance on how to prepare for examinations, how to best study, and how to best use course books and materials.
Additional academic support through office hours held by each Peer Educator.
Read an article about the Engineering Learning Communities here.

Engineering Learning Communities are offered throughout the academic year to provide academic support for core engineering pre-requisite classes. Schedules vary each quarter in conjunction with Calculus/Physics/Chemistry courses offered.


The IDEA Engineering Learning Communities are typically held in Jacobs Hall B805, although some ELCs are held in other locations when needed.

To get to the IDEA Engineering Learning Communities, take the stairs from Warren Mall (closest to Bioengineering Building) to the Jacobs Hall basement courtyard, where main entrance to the IDEA Engineering Learning Communities is located.

WATCH how to get to the IDEA Engineering Learning Communities!


Anson Añonuevo | Structural Engineering | Seventh College

Hi, my name is Anson Añonuevo and I'm a second year, Aerospace focused, Structural Engineer at Seventh College. I am currently a lead for the Seismic Design Team but I intend to pursue aerospace and specifically design composite structures for moon bases. I come from Concord in the Bay Area and enjoy skateboarding, tricking, and climbing. I take immense joy in helping others succeed in academia and am excited to be your peer educator for engineering classes! I am open to feedback because the main goal is to help you excel in your classes. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding classes, major, or hobbies!



Bernice Lozada | Biotechnology and General Biology | Revelle College

Hi! My name is Bernice, and I’m a third-year Bioengineering: Biotechnology major and General Biology minor in Revelle College. I’m originally from the northern Central Valley (s/o to the 209). When I’m not in class or in the ELC space, I'm doing behind-the-scenes work for the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) as their VP Finance or making nanoparticles in Dr. Kwon’s lab. I also love Broadway musicals, binging sitcoms, and making jewelry! Right now, I intend on going to graduate school after graduation and working in the biotechnology industry in either gene therapy or drug delivery, but I’d also like to eventually return to teaching (which is why I’m here!). As a Peer Educator, I want to help my students navigate classes and college life to achieve their goals inside and outside the classroom. Please feel free to reach out - I can’t wait to meet you all!


Cynthia Zhan | Structural Engineering and Design | Eleanor Roosevelt College

Hello! My name is Cynthia, and I am a second year Structural Engineering major, Design minor student from ERC. I am also from the Bay Area! My favorite things to do includes dancing (ballet, contemporary, hiphop, k-pop), reading, and creative writing! I'm also part of the Seismic Design Team and run the Tritonfest Annual Haunted Maze. As a peer educator, I hope to help fellow engineering students find their niche passions and create fun, comfortable learning environments. Always feel free to reach out :D



Emerson Parker