IDEA Scholars Program

IDEA Scholar Achievements

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 Other Achievements


  • Churchill Scholars
  • McNair Scholars
  • Gilman Scholars
  • California Louis Stokes Minority Alliance Scholarship (CAMP)
  • TRELS Quarterly, Summer, and International 
  • Summer EnVision Experience (SEE)
  • UC Leads
  • Purdue (University) Summer Research Fellowship
  • Cornell University Summer Research Fellowship

Student Leadership 

  • Triton Engineering Student Council (TESC)
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
  • Students for Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
  • Triton Racing
  • Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (RPL)
  • Engineers without Borders


About the Program

The goal of the Jacobs School's IDEA Scholars Program is to foster community building and academic excellence among our top incoming freshman engineering students from diverse backgrounds. As an IDEA Scholar, you will join a select group of students who will serve as ambassadors for the Jacobs School throughout your time at UC San Diego.

  • Started 2011
  • 209 Members
  • 59 Alumni
  • IDEA Scholars graduate with an engineering degree at a higher rate than Jacobs School students
  • 2011 cohort: 77% graduation rate
  • (23% higher than retention rate among engineering freshmen from underrepresented student groups who were admitted at the same time, and were not IDEA Scholars)
  • 2012 cohort: 74% graduation rate
  • (14% higher than retention rate among engineering freshmen from underrepresented student groups who were admitted at the same time, and were not IDEA Scholars)

Key Benefits of being an IDEA Scholar Include

  • Priority Access to Scholarship Applications
  • Priority registration for Engineering Learning Communities
  • Mentoring from Jacobs School Students, Alumni and Faculty
  • Personal, Professional and Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Involvement in a Fostered Engineering Community
  • Networking Opportunities with Engineering Companies
  • IDEA Scholar Medal Upon Graduation

Prospective IDEA Scholars

In order to apply for the IDEA Scholars program, students must apply to the Summer Engineering Institute. If offered admission to the IDEA Scholars program, students must participate in SEI. The application for SEI is now available. The deadline to apply for the IDEA Scholars program is May 10th. Applications for the IDEA Scholars is a one-time window. Applications are not open to students in their second year and beyond.

If you have any questions about the IDEA Scholars program, please reach out via email at


SEI 2020

Alan Espinosa: Computer Engineering (ECE)

Allison Moya: Electrical Engineering

Ann Truong: Electrical Engineering

Arna Tayal: Chemical Engineering

Bernice Angelene Lozada: Bioengineering

Blake Johnson: Aerospace Engineering

Brigette Hacia: Computer Engineering (ECE)

Capalina Melentyev: Bioengineering: Biotechnology

Chloe Leung: Structural Engineering

Eduardo Perez: Aerospace Engineering

Guang Liu: Engineering Physics

Isha Deshmukh: Bioengineering: Biotechnology

Jacinda Martinez: Bioengineering

Jaden Cramlet: Nanoengineering

Jason Li: Computer Engineering (ECE)

Jason Tuermer-Lee: Chemical Engineering

Joanna Yang: Computer Science

Joanne Low: Mechanical Engineering

Jolene Fan: Mechanical Engineering

Kaylana Nickels: Electrical Engineering

Kira Tran: Computer Engineering (ECE)

Lauren Nguyen: Computer Engineering (ECE)

Madison Tigbao: Structural Engineering

Mary Melarkey: Chemical Engineering

May Ann Dimalanta: Aerospace Engineering

Michael Herrera: Electrical Engineering

Mikaeel Punja: Mechanical Engineering

Myra Ashraf: Bioengineering

Natahly Frias: Computer Science

Nikitha Kalahasti: Bioengineering

Osinachi Okere: Electrical Engineering

Priscilla Nguyen: Aerospace Engineering

Rebecca Wong: Electrical Engineering

Rosi Vera: Structural Engineering

Ruchi Kamboj: Bioengineering: Bioinformatics

Sabrina Chang Liao: Chemical Engineering

Sarah Chittle: Bioengineering

Shanessa Siddique: Bioengineering: Bioinformatics

Tianjun Li: Nanoengineering

Valli Nachiappan: Computer Engineering (ECE)

Victor Escalante: Aerospace Engineering

Wan-Hsuan (Sharon) Lin: Nanoengineering

William Zhang: Electrical Engineering

Zach Zhong: Computer Science


SEI 2019 

Alondra Pureco: Mechanical Engineering

Aman Arora: Computer Engineering

Andrea Lopez: Mechanical Engineering

Aurelio Perez: Chemical Engineering

Chi Chow: Computer Engineering

Christopher Vu: Computer Engineering

Daniel Pak: Computer Engineering

Eve Gedminas: Environmental Engineering

Fadi Shaba: Mechanical Engineering

Faith Edrosolano: Mechanical Engineering

Gabrielle Graak: Aerospace Engineering

Jason Win: Computer Engineering

Jonathan Padungyothee: Computer Engineering

Justin Torres Verduzco: Mechanical Engineering

Kaitlyn Strandberg: Bioengineering: BioSystems

Kaitlyn Wong: Environmental Engineering

Laurence D'Ercole: Computer Science

Liam Fernandez: Computer Engineering

Lisbeth Borbonio: Structural Engineering

Milena Salazar: Structural Engineering

Mitchell Nuckols: Electrical Engineering

Natalia Bautista: Environmental Engineering

Natalia Berrios Rivera: Mechanical Engineering

Nicholas Krolikowski: Computer Science

Noah Verdegan: Computer Science

Obadiah Valdez: Mechanical Engineering

Ricardo Guerrero: Computer Science

Rosemary Bugayong: Computer Engineering

Sean Malinis: Structural Engineering

Sebastian Ongko: Computer Science

Sonika Ram: Computer Science

Stephen Burt: Structural Engineering

Susanna He: Computer Science

Tien Nguyen: Aerospace Engineering

Trisa Leung: Computer Science

Trisha Ahuja: Bioengineering (Biotechnology)

Veronica Ho: Computer Engineering

Wei Ji Chen: Bioengineering




SEI 2018 

Angela Ito: Electrical Engineering

April Tran: Structural Engineering

Arun Chumber: Chemical Engineering

Candelario Caldera: Electrical Engineering

Carl Villegas: Electrical Engineering

Daniel Loya: Structural Engineering

David He: Electrical Engineering

Derek Chen: Electrical Engineering

Elizabeth Nelson: Aerospace Engineering

Felipe Bailon: Engineering Physics

Francesca Muto: Chemical Engineering

Guillermo Nogueira: Environmental Engineering

Heily Monterroso: Mechanical Engineering

Hridayanand Khemchandani: Chemical Engineering

Isabelle Del Rios: Chemical Engineering

Jacob Lopez: Electrical Engineering

Jake Hotchkiss: Chemical Engineering

Jared Gadia: Chemical Engineering

Jason Isa: Electrical Engineering

Jeffrey Yang: Computer Engineering

Jennifer Hernandez-Mora: Environmental Engineering

Jesse Garcia de Alva: Electrical Engineering

Jonathan Trang: Electrical Engineering

Jonathan Venegas: Electrical Engineering

Julianna Quinn: Structural Engineering

Kanksha Patel: Bioengineering (Biotechnology)

Karina Plasencia: Environmental Engineering

Kayla Lara: Structural Engineering

Kris Li: Structural Engineering

Kyra Hulse: Bioengineering (Bioinformatics)

Lysander Zepeda: Structural Engineering

Mark Chavez: Structural Engineering

Matthew Gao: Aerospace Engineering

Mayci Marquardt: Chemical Engineering

Michael Maddy: Computer Engineering

Michelle Singer: Chemical Engineering

Oswah Sarwar: Chemical Engineering

Pedro Suchite: Computer Engineering

Rafael Arteaga: Chemical Engineering

Roberto Medina: Mechanical Engineering

Samantha Long: Electrical Engineering

Samuel Figueroa: Nanoengineering

Sicong Duan: Electrical Engineering

Unduwap Kandage: Computer Engineering

Van Nguyen: Pre-Engineering Physics

William Lopez: Mechanical Engineering

Xiaoye Zuo: Electrical Engineering

SEI 2017

Abraham Roberto Mendez Castro: Structural Engineering

Alberto Avalos: NanoEngineering

Alberto Quintana Jaquez: Aerospace Engineering

Amanda Nicole Breton: Bioengineering: BioSystems

Andrew Timothy Campion: NanoEngineering

Antoine Abidaid Serrano: Aerospace Engineering

Brandon Eduardo Hernandez Pacheco: Bioengineering: BioSystems

Candice Nicole Mallari: Mechanical Engineering

Catlynn Duc Nguyen: Mechanical Engineering

Cindy Alberto: Mechanical Engineering

Dana Mayumi Tajiri: Electrical Engineering

David Bruno Collin: Structural Engineering

Destiny Angelica Alvarado: Electrical Engineering

Diego Alonso Ramos: Electrical Engineering

Dylan Taylor Perlson: Electrical Engineering

Edward Banuelos: Bioengineering: BioSystems

Iris Ela Nayki: Computer Engineering

Isaac Rincon: Electrical Engineering

Jason Robert Rosas: Mechanical Engineering

Jesus Villalvazo Fausto: Electrical Engineering

Jonathan Joshua Zhang: Aerospace Engineering

Jose Jorge Jimenez-Olivas: Computer Engineering

Joseph George Murad: Mechanical Engineering

Julia T Doan: Environmental Engineering

Larisa Deli: Structural Engineering

Laura Gutierrez: Environmental Engineering

Luis Ruben Garcia: Mechanical Engineering

Madilyn Kaly Mcdougall: Aerospace Engineering

Martyn Albrecht Granados Lizarraga: Mechanical Engineering

Matthew Alberto Uitz: Aerospace Engineering

Maya Lynn Parish: Bioengineering

Melissa Liann Pante: Aerospace Engineering

Minghua Ong: Bioengineering: BioSystems

Priscila Garcia Estrada: Structural Engineering

Rachel Kathryn Oelsner: Environmental Engineering

Sidney Yin Huen: Mechanical Engineering

Stephanie Lily Mountain: Chemical Engineering

Summer Joyce Batasin: Bioengineering: BioSystems

Tanmay Shetye: Chemical Engineering

Taylor Stephanie Walsh: Structural Engineering

Trent Sebastian Wiley: Structural Engineering

Tyler Marshall Theroith-Fraser: Mechanical Engineering

Valentina Veloz: Bioengineering: BioSystems

Vicente Elihu Lopez Espinosa: Mechanical Engineering

Xochilth Saldana: Environmental Engineering






Summer PrEP 2015

Aparna Rangamani: Computer Science

Azusena Jimenez: Aerospace Engineering

Carlos Galaviz: Structural Engineering

Daisy Rios: Environmental Engineering

Elizabeth Farkas: Computer Engineering (CSE)

Emanual Kasegne: Structural Engineering

Emmanuel Antonio: Nanoengineering

Farouq Fardan: Electrical Engineering

Gisel Lopez: Bioengineering

Ivan Ibarra: Bioengineering

Jackelyn Sanchez: Aerospace Engineering

Jocelyn Valencia: Environmental Engineering

Karla Aceves: Aerospace Engineering

Manuel Gonzalez: Aerospace Engineering

Michael Schnabel: Electrical Engineering

Phoebe Contreras-Jones: Electrical Engineering

Rizelle Capanzana: Chemical Engineering

Yohann Samarasinghe: Nanoengineering

Summer PrEP 2016

Abhiram Iyer: Computer Engineering (ECE)

Adrianna Stopol: Mechanical Engineering

Aliana Sonza: Structural Engineering

Arielle Yoo: Bioengineering: Bioinformatics

Briana Paredes: Mechanical Engineering

Bryan Thai: Bioengineering

Carlos Ajanel: Structural Engineering

Christian Schwieterman: Structural Engineering

Christopher Bayag: Mechanical Engineering

Cyrus Shen: Electrical Engineering

Daniel Martinez: Nanoengineering

Gabriel Davalos: Aerospace Engineering

Gabriel Gutierrez: Structural Engineering

Gabriel Shatkin: Bioengineering (Biotechnology)

Grant Way: Biomedical Engineering: Biotechnology

Haozhan Li: Electrical Engineering

Harrison (Wei) Li: Bioengineering

Hongru Yu: Bioengineering: Bioinformatics

Hugo Moctezuma Andraca: Mechanical Engineering

Jacinth philemon Gudetti: Computer Engineering (ECE)

Jasmine Ng: Mechanical Engineering

Jennifer Coates: Mechanical Engineering

Jennifer MacAulay: Structural Engineering

Jeremy Browne: Mechanical Engineering

Jessica Sanchez: Structural Engineering

Joshua Wang: Nanoengineering

Justin Hover: Bioengineering

Karie Madrid: Environmental Engineering

Kieu Huynh: Mechanical Engineering

Kimberly Fajardo: Aerospace Engineering

Leigh Sena: Mechanical Engineering

Martina Mitose: Chemical Engineering

Matt Nakpawan: Mechanical Engineering

Minghui Zhao: Electrical Engineering

Nhadea Lensky: Chemical Engineering

Sabrina Calzada: NanoEngineering

Salvador Ramirez: Structural Engineering

Samantha Fong: Environmental Engineering

Saul Martinez: Structural Engineering

Skye Edwards: Bioengineering (Biotechnology)

Weginbara Youpele: Electrical Engineering

Yayi Guo: Environmental Engineering



The BOEING-IDEA Scholarship is awarded annually for the purpose of recruitment and retention of students in the Jacobs School of Engineering who demonstrate technical experience, academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and a commitment to the ideals of inclusion, diversity, excellence and advancement. In addition to a monetary stipend, the scholarship includes a potential summer internship with BOEING.

This scholarship is open to IDEA Scholars who will be continuing next academic year. Students who are in the following majors are especially encouraged to apply: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Structural Engineering, and NanoEngineering. Minimum GPA 3.0.

Scholarship Recipients


Mackenzie Cottle, Mechanical Engineering 

Chanel Fraikin, Aerospace Engineering

Gabriel Gutierrez, Structural Engineering

Joycelyn Letona, Aerospace Engineering

Emily Moreno, Bioengineering

Leigh Sena, Mechanical Engineering

Vickie Truong, Aerospace Engineering

Arielle Yoo, Bioengineering



Madeline Ocampo, Mechanical Engineering 

Cindy Ayala, Mechanical Engineering 

Sebastian Lee, Environmental Engineering 

Ashley Qu, Mechanical Engineering 

Christopher Sanchez, Aerospace Engineering 

Sara Masjedi, Structural Engineering 

Glorya Escobar, Environmental Engineering 

Jose Ricardo Rueda, Bioengineering: BioSystems 

Juan Maldonado, Mechanical Engineering 



Shang-Chun (Andrew) Chiang, Chemical Engineering 

Jose Garcia, Aerospace Engineering 

Maya Bello, Computer Science 

Jose Banuelos, Structural Engineering 

Josef Griedel, Aerospace Engineering 

David Perez-Aguilar, Chemical Engineering 

Joanne Ly, Chemical Engineering 

Kimberly Nguyen, Chemical Engineering 

Madeline Ocampo, Mechanical Engineering 

Sebastian Bommer, Mechanical Engineering 

Lorenzo Page, Electrical Engineering 

Alexes Macedo, Computer Engineering (CSE)



Jorge Esmerio, Electrical Engineering 

Nathan Woodward, Mechanical Engineering 

Daniel Kaminski, Mechanical Engineering 

Kimberly Wang, Bioengineering: Biotechnology 

Xavier Tejeda, Computer Engineering 

Sara Masjedi, Structural Engineering 

Daniel Gehlbach, Bioengineering: Biotechnology 

Julia Soderstjerna, Mechanical Engineering



Rene Martinez, Chemical Engineering 

Ashley He, Electrical Engineering 

Mishika Vora, Computer Science 

Sally Law, Electrical Engineering 

Celine Long, Nanoengineering