The Research Ethics Initiative at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering builds on the National Science Foundation (NSF) project "Empowering Faculty to Cultivate a Culture of Ethics in Engineering."


Strengthening the culture of ethics within any organization requires transparency and discussion. The goal of this Initiative is to create sustainable opportunities for important ethical conversations to occur. (Read the Jacobs School press release.)

Definition of ethics

The word ethics includes many different perspectives, including but not limited to analytical, theoretical, practical, and historical , biological, and sociological perspectives, representing disciplines as diverse as philosophy, art, social sciences, physical and biological sciences, and engineering.

For the purpose of this project, it is understood that all of these components are important, but that the fundamental question to be answered is “How should we act?”

Ethics at the Jacobs School

This project builds on the Mission and Values of the Jacobs School of Engineering and aims to strengthen the climate and culture of inclusion and respect for diversity.

The Jacobs School's Mission:

  • Educate Tomorrow's Technology Leaders
  • Conduct Leading Edge Research and Drive Innovation
  • Transfer Discoveries for the Benefit of Society

The Jacobs School's Values:

  • Engineering for the global good
  • Exponential impact through entrepreneurism
  • Collaboration to enrich relevance