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Cases Study Sources

  • Henrik Schön and Bell Labs, 2002.
    • Systematic falsification and manipulation of data and analysis. 
    • Public and private incentives for doing science with integrity. 
    • Interrelationship between conduct of principal investigator and colleagues.
  • Student publication, 2000.0
    • Incentives and best practices for authorship.
    • Division of labor and responsibilities between student and faculty.
    • Annotated commentary
  • Hwang Woo Suk and stem cells, 2009.
    • Procurement of sensitive scientific materials: human eggs.
    • Importance of thorough informed consent.
    • Incentives for major breakthroughs vs. rigor and prudence.
  • On Being a Scientist, 2009
    • Collection of cases from National Academies
    • Of interest: Changing Knowledge pp. 13
    • Of interest: Treatment of Misconduct pp. 21