Leadership Courses

The Gordon Engineering Leadership Center delivers a collection of advanced leadership courses for both undergraduate and graduate students.

From medium size lecture classes to focused cohort experiences, these courses complement the existing engineering curricula by introducing a focus on aspects of engineering leadership, such as team management, ethics, and communication within the corporate structure.













Courses Offered

ENG 100B: Engineering Leadership

Instructor: Janette Williams, IMBA, PhD
Units: 2 Units
Academic Level: Undergraduate

Winter Quarter

Engineering leadership attitudes, styles, principles, and approaches; stages of product development and evolution; strategic and critical thinking and problem solving for engineering projects; resource management; quality control; risk analysis and risk taking; engineering business economics, law, leadership and corporate ethics. Prerequisites: ENG 100A, or ENG 100, or consent of the instructor.

ENG 211: Engineering Leadership in Academia

Instructor: Janette Williams, IMBA, PhD
Units: 4 Units
Academic Level: Graduate

Winter Quarter

This course is designed to teach leadership in teaching and learning at the college/university level. Students will learn through readings on engineering leadership, proposal development, ethics, and cognitive science, and through practical experience writing and developing course and project development plans. Prerequisites: graduate standing.