The Corporate Affiliates Program has provided a wealth of resources for recruiting and collaborative research projects. Our college hiring goals exceeded all expectations. Our local division, Radio Systems, hired 12 new grads and 14 interns through CAP/UCSD networking efforts. The strength of our business is directly related to the caliber of our engineering staff and UCSD provides that tradition of excellence.

Judi Berlin, University Relations,
Northrop Grumman Corporation


The Jacobs School CAP is one of the most well-run, efficient affiliate programs that I have ever been a part of. The team is very organized, responsive, and works to make sure they are providing the best services to both the employers and the student body. They understand what works for employers, providing us with a multitude of options for our outreach; really simplifying the process so we can focus on helping students find their next great opportunity. Huge thank you to the CAP team for making it so enjoyable to recruit at UC San Diego!

Evan Sevits, Program Manager, Campus Outreach


Technology is evolving faster than ever and if we don't build strong ties between the industry and academia, we cannot hope to train tomorrow's workforce to the skills and technologies that will matter tomorrow.

Magaly Drant, Vice President of Developer Productivity


The Corporate Affiliates Program affords us the opportunity to exchange ideas on how we may better use Jacobs School research that is most relevant to us, and gain exposure to the perspectives of other member companies. Through brainstorming in our meetings on how to advance and promote the vision and objectives of the Jacobs School, we've also been given the opportunity to influence the shape and direction of CAP and the new programs the School is introducing - that's great for us.

Richard Goldberg, Vice President,
Corporate Quality Cisco Systems