Team Internship Program

Today's employers are looking for engineers who have both technical skills and the ability to collaborate and function as a team. Summer Team Internships are part of the Jacobs School's effort to enhance our students' education through real-world engineering experiences in a team setting. Students work on-site with industry partners as a multi-disciplinary team focused on a clearly defined and significant project.

Jacobs School Student Teams

  • 2-5 members, each with distinct technical experience and training
  • Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. Levels
  • All engineering majors

Internship Details

  • Paid Internships
  • 10-12 weeks over the summer
  • Full-time, i.e., 40 hour/week commitment


    October - December Companies define and submit projects and recruitment starts
    January - March Companies continue to submit their projects and recruitment continues
    April Finalizing recruiting
    May Selections completed
    Intern pre-deployment training
    June - September Internship period during any 10-12 consecutive weeks

    All resumes submitted for the summer team internships will be reviewed by the professional corporate relations staff of the Jacobs School. Selections are based upon skills sets required by the company and student leadership experience.