Why Join

Jacobs School students are sought after by industry leaders for their engineering knowledge and ability to seek information and solve problems in a team environment.


  • Resume Database: access to undergraduate and graduate-level students
  • Easy-to-use job postings direct from your desk to a targeted engineering discipline or to a group at large
  • Assistance with internship opportunities
  • Company promotion and recruitment opportunities on campus
  • Invitation to our Annual Research Review attended by graduate and undergraduate students, UCSD alumni and industry representatives
  • Opportunities to sponsor fellowships, scholarships, engineering organizations and outreach projects


Research collaborations yield bottom-line results. Our professors are leaders in their fields of technology. CAP assists you in meeting them and exploring technology roadmaps for the future, including invitations to technology discovery sessions with faculty leaders. CAP also offers liaison support with the Office of Contract & Grant Administration for separate sponsored research such as:

  • Partnerships for federally funded leading-edge research
  • Commercialization programs
  • Industry-sponsored student design projects
  • Technology licensing opportunities


Each member has a seat on the CAP Executive Board - a unique opportunity to support the leadership of the Jacobs School and contribute to the future of engineering education.

  • Contributing to education opportunities and curriculum
  • Identify research foci for future breakthroughs
  • Opportunities to engage in cooperative initiatives that strengthen the community, enhance the economy and improve quality of life
  • Network with fellow industry executives and key faculty

  • Parking Permit ($350 fair market value. This portion of the CAP contribution is non-tax-deductible)
  • Invitations to relevant symposia, conferences & workshops
  • Extended access to UC San Diego facilities (room reservations, introductions to labs/facilities on campus that may provide services)


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