California Nobel Laureate Dinner Archive

2013 COSMOS California Nobel Laureate Dinner at the California Science Center Honors Nobel Laureates and COSMOS Alumni

The COSMOS UC Office of the President hosted a dinner on April 10th under the wings of the space shuttle Endeavour to honor the following Nobel Laureates and COSMOS Alumni. They were invited to present their project poster to attending Nobel Laureates and distinguished guests. The keynote speaker for this special evening was astronaut Dr. Garrett Reisman, who served aboard Endeavour, Atlantis, Discovery and the International Space Station.

2010 COSMOS Students Present at the California Nobel Laureate Dinner

  • Angel Lara
  • Matthew O'Hagan
  • Casey Takahashi
  • Mariana Valdez


COSMOS Students Present Their Research at the California Nobel Laureate Dinner

UC San Diego COSMOS was pleased to have four students from the 2010 session present their research at the prestigious California Nobel Laureate Dinner on the evening of November 8th, 2010. The event was held at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and was organized by the University of California Office of the President. In attendance were California Nobel Laureates, high-ranking California officials, and California's top scientists. Congratulations to our students and students from the other three COSMOS sites!

2010 COSMOS Students Present at the California Nobel Laureate Dinner

  • Ninad More (Northwood High School, Irvine)
  • Alexander Rodriguez (Cathedral High School, Los Angeles)
  • Tricia Santamaria (Tesoro High School, Las Flores)
  • Jonathan Zhao (Irvine High School, Irvine)