Learn More about the UCSD COSMOS Experience

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COSMOS Alums Make Promo Video

This video was made by two identical twins who attended COSMOS during the Summer of 2014.   They are recent graduates of UC Berkeley where they double majored in mechanical engineering and business administration. They currently work as Program Managers at Microsoft and have both interned at Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft.  In the video, they speak about their experiences in Clusters 5 and 6, and highlight the impact that attending COSMOS had on their future decisions to study in the STEM fields in college.

Cluster 1 Promotional Video

This video was produced for The Computer Science Channel for the UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering department.  In the video, you will hear from students who were studying in Cluster 1, Computers in Everyday Life, as well as from the Teacher Fellow for Cluster 1 and one of the lead Faculty for the cluster.  This video summarizes the four week program and includes a quick look at some of the actual projects that students worked on.

COSMOS Alum Article 

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Wang recently wrote an article on Medium called Reflection on an Unlikely Education in Computer Science about her experience with COSMOS. In it, she reflects on the impact that attending Cluster 1, Computers in Everyday Life, had on her academic career. Specifically, she writes: "COSMOS truly helped me to solidify my decision to apply to universities as a Computer Science major, thus defining the course of my academic life."