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The Anthropology, Performance, and Technology (APT) program at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering aims to empower a new generation of socially-engaged, culturally relevant, and artistically as well as scientifically and technically creative engineers. The APT Program is directed by Hortense Gerardo. 

The precise details of the APT's transdisciplinary education and research programs will evolve as we develop it in collaboration with multiple groups and communities. There are some fundamental tenets of the program that are connected to the fact that through the APT Program, we are building a series of "on ramps and bridges" across the Jacobs School, the UC San Diego campus and beyond.  

The first set of "on ramps and bridges" is being designed and built to connect Jacobs School students with anthropological and performative experiences and opportunities that are outside of what is traditionally considered engineering and computer science education. 

The underlying goal is to provide our students with new and different opportunities to explore and process their technical educations. 

At the same time, we are designing and building a second set of "on ramps and bridges." This second set is aimed at facilitating more and deeper connections between the Jacobs School of Engineering and people from all across the UC San Diego campus who are engaged in anthropology, performance -- and many activities in between. In short, this program is designed to serve as a landing pad for the entire UC San Diego community and beyond.