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Carl Gibson

Professor, MAE

Theoretical and experimental studies of turbulence and turbulent mixing in the atmosphere and ocean.

Professor Gibson is an expert in the area of turbulence and turbulent mixing, having studied it extensively with physical and computational experiments in the ocean and atmosphere. He has looked at the effects of magnetic fields and the stratification and rotation of turbulence. Recently, he has begun working with astrophysicist and astronomers to analyze the creation of the universe (e.g. the big bang). Gibson believes that previous theories detailing the construction of stars, galaxies, and planets are inadequate because they do not address the presence of turbulence. He is working to develop a different theory and accompanying equation.

Capsule Bio:

Carl H. Gibson received his Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from Stanford University in 1962. He then joined the Peace Corps and served as a volunteer for two years in the Chemical Technology Department, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. After a brief period at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, he joined UCSD in 1965 and is now professor of engineering physics and oceanography in the Departments of MAE and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Acting Provost of Warren College. Among his professional distinctions, Gibson is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (1975).

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Photo of Carl H. Gibson