*While remote due to the pandemic, students will receive a kit of materials needed for the course (available by pick-up on campus or by mail). While access to the EnVision Maker Studio is not possible right now, the instructional team will have access to one of EnVision's 3D-printers. This will allow your project team to create and print a component for your project, which can be picked up by a group member living locally in San Diego.








Engineering Mathematics

Develop your mathematical skills while also learning how math topics are applied to solving engineering problems. Topics covered include finding optimal solutions using derivatives, solving systems of linear equations to understand complex physical systems, and filtering signals with the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) method.



Hands-on Learning

Gain hands-on experience with in-demand engineering skillsets. Learn to program using Python, a popular and open-source programming language used by world-leading research labs and companies. Build electronic systems using Arduino microcontrollers to measure signals (sound, light, vibrations) and control devices. Rapidly prototype design ideas using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printers.

Design Project

Work in a team with peers from different majors to solve practical engineering problems. Take advantage of the resources in the EnVision Maker Studio to rapidly prototype design solutions. Demo your project during a final presentation event, attended by UC San Diego faculty and industry experts from multinational engineering companies.