Funding Your Org

There are many ways to gain funding for your org to finance projects, general club expenses, and travel. Find out more information on how to gain funding through the university, outside sources, or the IDEA Center here.

Money Videos

Short tutorial videos for student orgs to learn how get to get money and/ or spend money: Money Videos 
Notes for student orgs to learn how to get money and / or spend money: Shark_Notes.pdf
Guide to the Northrop Grumman gift money my student organization received: FAQ's Student Organization Edition.pdf

Student Organizations Funding Resources

Link to resources that can help you access your student organization account.

TESC Funding Powerpoint

Orgs can receive funding from outside organizations, such as companies, grants, or faculty. Find out more information here.

Matching funds

Engineering student organizations participating in select project-based competitions may apply for this program, which will match funds raised by the student organization will be considered by a selection committee for matching on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Travel funds

The Student Travel Fund provides financial support and funding for students attending conferences and competitions. Funds can be awarded for individual students and organizations for a variety of travel-related expenses, such as travelling, hotel costs, and conference fees.