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Six out of 19 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Awards Go to UC San Diego

November 7, 2022-- UC San Diego teams took home six out of 19 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship awards for 2022, the company announced. 

The fellowships are designed to enable students to pursue futuristic, innovative ideas. The six UC San Diego teams bring together Ph.D. students from the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

Qualcomm asked for submissions in the areas of advanced semiconductor electronics, advances in communication techniques and theory, autonomous driving, machine learning, multimedia computing, processor architecture and Security Operations Center design, secure system design, and semiconductor test, quality and yield learning. 

"Congratulations to all six UC San Diego teams that won Qualcomm Innovation Fellowships this year. It's wonderful to see our research engagement with Qualcomm Research both deepen and diversify through this Fellowship program," said Albert P. Pisano, Dean of the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. "Great engineering schools find ways to pursue fundamental research that is also relevant for industry and society. Here at the Jacobs School, we do this by listening deeply to our research partners, thinking creatively, and crossing disciplines to solve the toughest challenges."  

The six teams from UC San Diego are:

  • Mingchao Liang and Wenyi Zhang, from the research group of professor Florian Meyer, who is on faculty both at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC San Diego 
    Project theme: Neural-Enhanced multipath-aided positioning 
  • Ish Kumar Jain and Raghav Subbaraman, from the research groups of electrical and computer engineering  Professor Dinesh Bharadia and computer science professor Aaron Schulman at UC San Diego
    Project theme: Augmenting environment sensing with multi-beam 5G mmWave systems
  • Ross Greer and Kuang-Lin Chen from the research groups of UC San Diego electrical and computer engineering professors Mohan Trivedi and Bhaskar Rao
    Project theme: Active learning for efficient annotations of very large datasets: framework, models, metrics and case studies in autonomous driving 
  • Yinbo Chen and Jiarui Xu from the research group of UC San Diego electrical and computer engineering professor Xiaolong Wang:
    Project theme: Transformers as metal-learners for neural fields
  • Xiyuan Zhang and Ranak Roy Chowdhury from the research groups of computer science professors Jingbo Shang and Rajesh Gupta, who is also the director of the UC San Diego Halicioglu Data Science Institute
    Project theme: Robust machine learning for IoT devices
  • Yu-Ying Yeh and Rui Zhu from the research group of computer science professor Manmohan Chandraker who is a faculty member in the UC San Diego Center for Visual Computing.
    Project theme: Bridging Semantic, Geometric and Physical Reasoning in Indoor 3D Scenes


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